Becoming a KJ

I think it is funny how people often ask me what it would take to become a KJ. Here are the steps I tell them:
Step 1: Spend $20,000 on karaoke music
Step 2: Spend $5,000 on karaoke equipment
Step 3: Learn the skills required by doing free parties for your friends for a couple of years
Step 4: Find your self some paying gigs, but don’t expect them to cover the costs of steps 1 and 2 any time soon
Step 5: Marketing, Marketing, Marketing
Step 6: Make the party happen every single night and hope the tips make up for what is missing in Step 4, which they won’t

Step 3 can happen while you are working on Step 1 and 2, but you really need to finish steps 1-3 before you can get to Step 4.

You become a KJ because it is FUN. That is the bottom line. The hand full of successful KJs in San Francisco are there because they have all been at it for many years and have completed steps 1-3 in various ways.

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