Karaoke Cart in GG Park for Burning Man Newbie BBQ & Playlist 6.5.10

KJ Paul took the Karaoke Kart out to Golden Gate Park for the 2010 Burning Man Newbie BBQ. The BBQ officially went from 11am until 6pm with the karaoke starting at 4pm. The karaoke was a huge hit. People sang and danced. At one point there was a giant conga line (Thanks Sean Luna!). D.A. from the Burning Man Playa Restoration crew was a karaoke rock star once again and got the crowd going pretty much every time he got on the mic. People were dancing and singing along and the karaoke kept going until the Karaoke Karts battery died at 8:30!

There was one very troubling incident. I had forgotten my karaoke books and I allowed a few people to search my song database to find a song for themselves. Then one guy who I didn’t know jumped on the keyboard while I was singing. When I was done and walked over I noticed that the application order was changed and that my web browser was closed. I ask him WTF and he said he closed some applications to “save energy”. I was upset but did not realize the full extent of it until I got home. The ass had tampered with several applications and attempted to hack my server and then cleared the browser history so I would not be able to see what he did. I felt molested. If you recognize this person please let me know who this hacker guy is.

Burning Man people singing karaoke in Golden Gate Park Burning Man people singing karaoke in Golden Gate Park

Burning Man people singing karaoke in Golden Gate Park

Burning Man people singing karaoke in Golden Gate Park Burning Man people singing karaoke in Golden Gate Park

Burning Man people singing karaoke in Golden Gate Park

Burning Man Newbie BBQ

Hacker Dude, $100- reward for his contact information

$100 reward!

Karaoke Songs Sung:

            Singer Artist Title

  1. Da Styx Come Sail Away
  2. Scott Grass Roots, The Midnight Confessions
  3. Dan Lewis, Huey & News, The Heart And Soul
  4. Sean Chicago Saturday In The Park
  5. Libby Four Seasons, The Working My Way Back To You
  6. Holipinia Divinyls, The I Touch Myself
  7. Danae Queen Killer Queen
  8. KJPaul Gray, Dobie Drift Away
  9. Scott Gin Blossoms Hey Jealousy
  10. DA Bare, Bobby 500 Miles Away From Home
  12. Da Proclaimers, The I´m Gonna Be Five Hundred Miles
  13. Danea Beetlejuice Jump In Line (Shake Shake)
  14. Libby The Ting Tings That´s Not My Name
  15. Roach Timberlake, Justin Sexyback
  16. Lance Diamond, Neil Sweet Caroline
  17. Sarah Eagles, The Hotel California (Short)
  18. Charlie Gaye, Marvin Got To Give It Up
  19. Tress Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  20. Becca Party In The USA G22943
  21. Da Cocker, Joe With A Little Help From My Friends
  22. Scott Simon, Paul Late In The Evening
  23. Charlie Jackson, Micheal Rock With You
  24. KJPaul Yazoo Only You
  25. Dan Puddle Of Mudd She Hates Me
  26. KJPaul Seger, Bob Turn The Page
  27. Charlie Kings Of Leon Sex On Fire
  28. Scott Kings Of Leon Use Somebody
  29. Tony Barry White Can´t Get Enough Of Your Love
  30. Chris Denver, John Country Roads
  31. Da Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird
  32. Tracy Cole, Nat ´´king´´ LOVE
  33. Scott Rod Stewart Maggie May
  34. Kitty Blur Park Life
  35. Thump Doors, The Love Her Madly
  36. Charlie Rolling Stones Miss You
  37. KJPaul Cliff, Jimmy I Can See Clearly Now
  38. Da 5Th Dimension, The Aquarius (Let The Sun Shine In)
  39. Angie Three Dog Night Joy To The World
  40. Stefan Audioslave I Am The Highway
  41. Da Tramps, The Disco Inferno
  42. Da Journey Don´t Stop Believin´
  43. guy Guns ´n´ Roses Welcome To The Jungle
  44. KJPaul Golden Earring Radar Love
  45. Angie Jackson, Michael Beat It
  46. KJPaul Nelson, Willie Always On My Mind
  47. Da Promise, The When In Rome
  48. Da Cyndi Lauper Time After Time
  49. KJPaul Idol, Billy Eyes Without A Face
  50. Da Muppet Movie, The Rainbow Connection, The
  51. KJPaul Williams, Hank Hey Good Lookin
  52. Da Roth, David Lee Just A Gigolo
  53. KJPaul Buffett, Jimmy Another Saturday Night
  54. Da Tyler, Bonnie Total Eclipse Of The Heart
  55. KJPaul Culture Club Victims
  56. KJPaul Seger, Bob Against The Wind

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