Bars and Clubs featuring Karaoke by KJPaul

Below is a list of the bars and clubs in and around San Francisco that feature karaoke events hosted by KJPaul. If you are looking for a place to sing karaoke in San Francisco, bookmark the Weekly San Francisco Karaoke Calendar and check it out often.

Recommended bars featuring karaoke hosted by KJPaul in San Francisco

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What makes a karaoke night great? Above all else FUN! The more fun the karaoke is, the more one can forgive everything else. So the main thing that makes a karaoke night great is having a KJ that really cares about karaoke and about making sure the singers have a great time. The KJ needs to love karaoke, period! The sound should be good and you should be able to hear yourself sing, but if the KJ is not fun, then why bother?

Many of the full time karaoke venues in San Francisco have lost that perspective, and the KJs care more about the tips than the fun you are having singing. The KJs, bars and clubs listed here are not that way. Of COURSE the KJs love tips, but the KJs that play at these bars and clubs are there because they love karaoke, and you tip because you are having a GREAT time and not vice versa!

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