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KJ Paul: I focus on sound and making the singers feel great. Karaoke singers want to hear themselves sing and since they typically have not been trained in the art of using a singer's mic, the sound requirements are often more difficult than they would be for a professional singer. That is why I personally use only professional grade band equipment and readjust the levels for every singer. I use SM58 or better mics with Mogami Gold Stage mic cables, Mackie SRM350v2 powered speakers for both the audience and for the singers' monitor, and a high quality Motu audio processor interface. I always set up a monitor for the singers... it's my pleasure to help singers sound great!

Here is my equipment list:

  • Ultra high quality Motu audio processor/mixer
  • 4 Mackie SRM350v2 powered speakers
  • 4 professional mics including a Shure SM58 beta wireless
  • 2 video monitors, plus I can hook into almost any monitor, projector or TV.
  • thousands of awesome songs
  • song books by artist and title
  • air guitar and other accessories

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