Best Karaoke bars in San Francisco

You will only find bars and clubs listed here that have great karaoke nights. If you are looking for a karaoke bar in San Francisco, than you have come to the right place. The San Francisco karaoke scene is really starting to take off with new karaoke nights starting in bars and clubs all the time. lists some of the best karaoke bars and clubs in SF!

What makes a karaoke night great? Above all else, what makes a karaoke night great is FUN! The more fun the karaoke is the more one can forgive the other things. So the main thing that makes a karaoke night great is having a KJ that really cares about karaoke and making the singers have a great time. The KJ needs to love karaoke, period! The sound should be good and you should be able to hear yourself sing, but if the KJ is not fun, than why bother?

Many of the full time karaoke venues have lost that perspective and the KJs care more about the tips then your singing. The KJs, bars and clubs listed here are not that way. Of coarse KJs love tips, but the KJs that play at these bars and clubs are there because they love karaoke and you tip because you are having a GREAT time and not visa versa!

Sound is also very important. Karaoke singers want to sound great and they want to hear themselves sing. That is why I personally only use professional band grade equipment when I host karaoke. I use SM58 or better mics with Mogami Gold Stage mic cables, Mackie SRM350v2 powered speakers for both the audience and for the singers monitor and a high quality Motu audio interface. Yes, I always set up a monitor for the singers..duh! I do my best to make singer sound great.

Overview of recommended KJ Paul karaoke bars in San Francisco

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