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Rates vary depending on the individual situations. To inquire about hiring KJ Paul karaoke service, please email: book@kjpaul.com.

About KJ Paul Karaoke

KJ Paul is one of the top rated KJ's in the San Francisco Bay Area. He goes the extra mile to have every song people want to sing and buys new karaoke tracks on a daily basis. His vast selection of songs rivals any club or KJs collection and it is growing every day. As a former IT person, he has the equipment and software knowledge to make and he has

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KJPaul.com is a resource for the This website is your Go To for karaoke in SF and the SF karaoke scene. It is about karaoke in San Francisco by people who love karaoke. This site has a blog, club listing, karaoke calendar, fan club pages, KJ pages, neighborhood karaoke listings and more. Use this site whenever you are looking for karaoke in San Francisco and you will find the truly great karaoke that San Francisco has to offer. Enjoy!

What is a KJ

A KJ is part entertainer, part singer, part sound technician, but mostly a KJ does their best to encourage others to sing. Some KJs will occasionally harmonize with the singers or interact (such as by playing the air guitar or a cow bell), but others simply queue up songs and enable the singers to have their moment in the spotlight. A KJ is very different from a DJ, since a KJ usually lets the singers pick the songs... except for the occasional kamakaze/karaoke-roulette, that is!

About KJ Paul

KJ Paul falls more on the "letting others take the spotlight" side of the art and he really focuses on that. He has one of the most sophisticated systems in the City and works with every singer to make them sound their very best. Working to adjust and mix the mic using a parametric EQ and several levels of effects, he does his best to to match the singer with the current song being sung. He will occasionally play back up air guitar or dance a little, but typically lets the singer(s) sing their song(s). KJ Paul's typical setup includes four mics and separate monitor for the singers so they can hear themselves.

The two shows are very different, but both offer full service Karaoke Hosting in bars, clubs and homes in San Francisco and surrounding areas. We can host anywhere from a bar or club with their own system to a house party where we bring everything.

KJ Paul: I pride myself on having one of the best sounding systems in the city. I typically set up 4 high quality mics (Shure SM58), a monitor for the singer and two Mackie SRM 350 v2 speakers for the crowd. I use high quality mic pre-amps and I individually mix each mic for each singer so no one is too loud or hard to hear. I try my best to make every singer sound and look like a rock star.

KJ Paul has been hosting karaoke for over 10 years and have a great song selection. We can make special arrangements with a venue for you if you need a location for your party.

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