Karaoke Word Challenge game rules

“Karaoke Word Challenge” (KWC) game

7-9pm every Tuesday at the Deco Lounge, before the regular karaoke begins!

Loosely based on the board game called “Encore”, the KWC tests your knowledge of songs and challenges karaoke singers to sing songs they would not normally sing. It is a play on the karaoke rock block using a word as the factor that qualifies a song as a valid song for the round instead of an artist.

The winners get a “KJPaul Jump the Line” card that is valid at any KJ Paul’s regular karaoke nights. Here are the rules.

KJPaul runs a weekly KWC game every Tuesday 7-9pm at the Deco Lounge, 510 Larkin St. At 9pm the regular karaoke night begins.

Starting the game

The KWC is a game where the first player picks a number between 1 and 6 and then draws a card from the KWC deck. The word or phrase corresponding to the number is the word in play for the round.

Entering the game

Anyone who wants to be a part of the game puts their name on the list to hold their place in the lineup. The first player has one minute to think of a song to sing and all subsequent singers must turn in a slip with their choice by the time the singer before them finishes their song or they will have to wait until their turn in the next round until the game is over and a new one begins. Anyone coming into the game late will be placed at the end of the queue for the round. If the word is still in play after going through the queue once, the round is over and a new round begins from the beginning of the queue. This continues until the time runs out (i.e. it is 9pm) or until someone wins or losses the round.

Valid songs

Songs containing the word in play in the title or anywhere it the song is valid. An artist name containing the word in play can only be used once in the game.

How to win

If you are the last person to come up with a valid song you are the winner. The winner gets a KJ Paul “Jump the Line Card”, which is valid at any of KJ Paul’s karaoke nights.

There will also be consolation prizes given to people who the audience and the KJ judge as having made a particularly challenging choice, such as the word being hidden in the song and only occurring once or for singing a song they have never even heard before and giving it a good shot. There are only a limited number of consolation prizes so how they are given out will depend on how the night is going.

How to loose

If anyone sings an invalid song, the game is over and a new game beings with the last person who sang a valid song. They get to start the round and sing the first song. The person who lost is placed at the end of the queue for the next game.

History of the Karaoke Word Challenge game

The karaoke word challenge is a game based of a board game that KJ Paul found on the sidewalk while going for coffee one morning. The game is called “Encore” with the tag line “how many songs can you remember”. I obviously can’t call the game Encore Karaoke, so I am calling it the Karaoke Word Challenge.

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