Juanita Musson in Port Costa 4/4/2011

Come help pay tribute to the accomplished life of Juanita Musson, who took over the Warehouse in Port Costa and “quickly stood out in a small town already known for it’s characters.” Well known for her heavy drinking, her large breasts, and her tendency to lift her muu-muu to piss in the street, her spirit encourages you now to come lose your inhibitions and gain your confidence! Ladies and gentlemen, pad your bras, don your muu-muus, and join us in celebration!

Experience Port Costa history in the making. Juanita Musson, who was known to through her breasts over the shoulders of a dining patron and tell her patrons “eat it or where it!” Hayton-Keeva said in the 1991 Times story. “She’s the goddess of culinary terrorism.” “Juanita’s restaurants were a place where a penniless man could be ordered to eat a free meal and movie stars could be humiliated. Chickens, pigs and monkeys would roam inside the Galley and out, amusing customers and annoying health inspectors.”

We will be celebrating her larger than life style on Monday April 4th at the Warehouse Cafe in Port Costa, CA with a potluck, karaoke and later in the evening, as things degrade, Porn-E-Oke, maybe even Striptease Porn-E-Oke… It is in honor of Juanita after all, so it is time to get sown and dirty!

The Burlington Hotel will be open, so no need to drive home!

Potluck starts at 6pm
Karaoke starts at 7pm
Porn-E-Oke starts at ?!?
Costume rack!!!

Karaoke hosted by KJ Paul Karaoke.

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