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There will be a search feature on this website soon, but for now you can find your songs by going to “SONGS” on the main menu at the top of the site and clicking on the month where you sang. Then you can use your browsers “find” feature (“Ctrl-F” or Windows Firefox) to find your name or the song title. Here is the list for October 2010.

Compression and Leveling?

One of the technical issues with recording karaoke is that everyone sings different and the levels need to be adjusted for every song/singer. Karaoke singers also tend to push the dynamic range of the recording so compression is often key to reducing potential clipping which results in distortion. Compression rounds off the clipping while also reducing the dynamic range to within the limits of the recording and adding some warmth to the lower end.

I also assume that many of you are listening to the recordings on your laptops, so I further boost the lower volumes a bit using leveling.

The combination of compression and leveling makes the overall volume of the track considerably louder, while reducing the peak volumes, so the tracks sound noticeably louder, but the quality differences are more subtle. Both processes reduce the actual quality of the sound a bit, but add to it as well. The trick is to add just enough to make it sound feel better without noticeably distorting it.

Here are 3 versions of the same recording where I added first compression and then leveling. This recording did not have a lot of clipping to start so it can be listened to with or without the effects. The question is what sounds better? Try opening all 3 in separate browser tabs and pausing them at the same spot in the recordings and comparing them. Let me know what you think of the differances on my Facebook fan page.

You Don’t Bring Flowers by Lambchop and Dwayne:
Raw recording
With Compression
With Leveling and Compression

Which version do you like better? Please tell me on my KJPaul Facebook Fan Page.

Hear more recordings at and

Recordings temporary location

I am currently putting all the new recordings is a directory called: (…/new/{yearmonth})

I am now trying to put the singer name and song title in the file name so people can identify them. Let me know if I put the wrong name of on the files.

Here is the back story:

The day I was leaving for Burning Man I got an urgent call from Scott, my sub, because he was having software issues. He was not able to pull up songs and there was a crowd waiting to sing! I could not help him over the phone so I rushed down to Deco.

It turned out that Just Karaoke failed in a major way. I could not fix the issue, so I had to download a new version of the software and reinstall it while everyone was waiting! In the heat of the moment I wound up corrupting the local backup of the database so I installed Just Karaoke fresh, without its history or any of my custom edits!

F#$%! All the data that was suppose to be there for the search functionality on was now gone and I have to retrieve it from my backup hard drive! To make matters worse, Scott needed to use the software in the mean while and I have to merge the two if I want to keep the old history!

That really puts a monkey wrench in my plans to create the search feature for my site, so for the time being your will need to retrieve your songs from the temporary directory structure:{yearmonth}

I will leave the songs I upload so people can link to them.

This also means that I can’t post any playlists until this is fixed.

8/18/10 El Rio OMG Karaoke

Here is the El Rio OMG Karaoke by the Bar night for Wednesday August 18, 2010. KJ Paul was out sick. Scott hosted for the night. Here is what people sang.

Karaoke Songs and Recordings

***click highlighted songs to hear the karaoke track!***

    Singer In The Style Of Song Title

  1. Scott Honeydrippers, The Sea Of Love
  2. Viola John, Elton Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters
  3. Patrick Temptations, The Papa Was A Rollin´ Stone
  4. Deborah S Beatles, The Can´t Buy Me Love
  5. Jet Modern Talking You´re My heart, You´re My Soul
  6. Spalding Deep Purple Knocking At Your Back Door
  7. Viola Audio Bullys Feat. Nancy Sinatra Shot You Down (Bang Bang)
  8. Viola Audio Bullys Feat. Nancy Sinatra Shot You Down (Bang Bang)
  9. Viola James, Etta Sunday Kind Of Love
  10. Patrick Jay & Americans, The Come A Little Bit Closer
  11. Samantha Jackson 5 I Want You Back
  12. Deborah S Simon, Paul She´s Got Diamonds On The Soles Of
  13. Scott Simon, Paul Late In The Evening
  14. Viola Bowie, David Soul Love
  15. Spalding Til Tuesday Voices Carry
  16. Jet Boy George Crying Game, The
  17. Ash Wednesday Rush Spirit Of Radio, The
  18. Patrick Righteous Brothers, The You´ve Lost That Lovin´ Feelin´
  19. Samantha Morissette, Alanis Forgivin´
  20. Claire Day, Otis & The Knights Shout
  21. Claire Day, Otis & The Knights Shout
  22. Erica Brown, Julie Homecoming Queen´s Got A Gun
  23. David & Clare Contours, The Do You Love Me
  24. Al Bread Guitar Man
  25. Viola Green, Al Let´s Stay Together
  26. Ash Wednesday Rooster Alice In Chains
  27. Spalding Isaak, Chris Somebody´s Crying
  28. Deborah S Simon, Paul 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
  29. Julia & Deborah Grease Summer Nights
  30. Jet Carpenters, The Close To You
  31. Camile Poison Talk Dirty To Me
  32. Andrea 10,000 Maniacs Like The Weather
  33. Claire Apple, Fiona Criminal
  34. Angela & Sam Los Lobos La Bamba
  35. Erica Kraftwerk Model, The
  36. Ken L Muppet Movie, The Rainbow Connection, The
  37. Braegen Springsteen, Bruce I´m On Fire
  38. Nicolas Cranberries, The Zombie
  39. David T Chicago 25 Or 6 To 4
  40. Angela & Anna Madonna American Pie
  41. Dell Cash, Johnny Boy Named Sue, A
  42. Tena Doors, The Been Down So Long
  43. Viola Ingram, Luther If Loving You Is Wrong I Don´t Want To Be Right
  44. Ash Wednesday Police Roxanne
  45. Becca Soul Asylum Runaway Train
  46. Chauncy Mccartney, Paul Come Together
  47. Chauncy Bowie, David The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud
  48. Spalding Journey Lovin´, Touchin´, Squeezin´
  49. Jordon Hadidi Pixies Hey
  50. Jordan Pixies Crackity Jones
  51. jordan SC8942-09 Pixies
  52. Nancy Bowie, David Moonage Daydream
  53. Josh John, Elton Levon
  54. Braegen Seger, Bob Turn The Page
  55. Jet Doors, The Touch Me
  56. Jamie Campbell Foundations, The Build Me Up Buttercup
  57. Samantha Jewel Who Will Save Your Soul
  58. Al Thomas, B.j. Raindrops Keep Fallin´ On My Head
  59. KT Cher Bang Bang
  60. Trixy Gore, Leslie You Don´t Own Me
  61. Corrie Collins, Phil Against All Odds
  62. Kim Possible No Doubt Don´t Speak
  63. Viola & Spalding Bowie, David Under Pressure
  64. Johnny Pulp Common People
  65. Bones Sandler, Adam Ode To My Car
  66. Ash Wednesday Erasure Erasure Medley
  67. Sweater Bunny Suede Animal Nitrate
  68. Shannon Wynette, Tammy Stand By Your Man
  69. Dmytro Stray Cats, The Stray Cat Strut
  70. Dell Johnny Cash Cocaine Blues
  71. Chauncey Mccartney, Paul Come Together
  72. Sara Yeah Yeah Yeahs Gold Lion
  73. Tena Pink Floyd Hey You

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8/5/10 Deco Lounge Costume Karaoke

woman with flower in hair man singing waring red feather and pink glasses man waring 70s carpet jacket and pink bra
See slideshow

Karaoke Songs and Recordings

Once again, Scott ran the karaoke while KJ Paul worked the costumes and took photos. Scott recorded most of the songs…

***click highlighted songs to hear the karaoke track!***

    Singer In The Style Of Song Title

  1. KJPaul King Harvest Dancin´ In The Moonlight
  2. Ash Wednesday Oasis All Round The World
  3. Nick Bowie, David The Width Of A Circle
  4. Scott Snow White Heigh-Ho
  5. Thomas -2 Stafford, Jo You Belong To Me
  6. Alanna HUEY LEWIS Heart And Soul
  7. Alanna Lewis, Huey & The News Heart And Soul
  8. Jenny I Kissed A Girl Perry, Katy
  9. Genevieve Newton, Juice Queen Of Hearts
  10. Brian Perry, Steve Oh Sherrie
  11. Ginger Kristin Chenoweth And Idina Menzel Defying Gravity
  12. Lambchop Bonnie Raitt I Can´t Make You Love Me
  13. Ash Wednesday Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter
  14. Corina & Johnny elliott, missy misdemeanor, ludacris & trina one minute man
  15. Nathan Stewart, John We Don´t Have To Take Our Clothes Off
  16. Michael Manilow, Barry Can´t Smile Without You
  17. Thomas -2 Harris, Major Love Won´t Let Me Wait
  18. Thomas Harris, Major Love Won´t Let Me Wait
  19. Claudia Jennifer Lopez Lets Get Loud
  20. Johnny Soft Cell Bedsitter
  21. KJPaul Loggins & Messina Danny´s Song
  22. Nick Bowie, David Modern Love
  23. Alanna Quarterflash Harden My Heart
  24. Kelsey Reed, Lou Perfect Day
  25. Genevieve Jackson, Janet Miss You Much
  26. Brian Van Halen You Really Got Me
  27. Nathan Black Sabbath Paranoid
  28. Corina Beach Boys, The Help Me Rhonda
  29. Ash Wednesday Erasure Erasure Medley
  30. Lambchop Manhattans, The Kiss And Say Goodbye
  31. Ryan John, Elton I Guess That´s Why They Call It The Blues
  32. David D & Chris Eagle Eye Cherry Save Tonight
  33. Chris & Lambchop Preston, Billy & Syreeta With You I´m Born Again
  34. Jade Apple, Fiona Sleep To Dream
  35. Mark Searchers, The Love Potion #9
  36. Claudia Carey, Mariah Forever
  37. Michael Chicago Mr. Cellophane
  38. Thomas -2 Kristin Chenoweth Popular
  39. Alanna Suzanne Vega Tom´s Diner
  40. Kelsey Violent Femmes Kiss Off
  41. Genevieve Carpenters, The Rainy Days & Mondays
  42. Brian Paper Lace Night Chicago Died, The
  43. Dewey Elliot, Mama Cass It´s Getting Better
  44. Dylan Talking Heads, The Psycho Killer
  45. Maria Turner, Tina We Don´t Need Another Hero
  46. Starla Til Tuesday Voices Carry
  47. Michael S. Color Me Badd I Wanna Sex You Up
  48. Alex Smiths, The Frankly, Mr Shankly
  49. Ash Wednesday Alice In Chains Junkhead
  50. Mark Oklahoma Oh What A Beautiful Morning
  51. Xavier Martin, Dean Ain´t That A Kick In The Head
  52. Claudia Murray, Anne I Just Fall In Love Again
  53. KJPaul Gray, Dobie Drift Away
  54. Nick Yankovic, Weird Al Saga Begins, The
  55. Jade James Laid
  56. Travis Cook Elliot, Missy I´m Really Hot
  57. Eric B Petty, Tom & Heartbreakers, The Free Fallin´
  58. Moises Warwick, Dionne That´s What Friends Are For
  59. Mark Hollies Bus Stop
  60. Ginger Buble, Michael Fever
  61. JC & Travis Brandy & Monica Boy Is Mine, The
  62. Brent Matisyahu King Without A Crown
  63. Michael Mclachlan, Sarah Angel

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