Costume Advantage at Toad Hall Karaoke!

Come to Toad Hall in a costume tonight and get a slight advantage over the other singers… It will be like a birthday advantage, nothing too extreme. But hey, it is almost Halloween and this is karaoke in San Francisco. Ummmmm not just San Francisco it is Karaoke in the Castro so get dressed up already, aaahhummm! (while waving index finger and pointing)

Karaoke Recording Number 60,000 Coming Soon!

I started recording karaoke tracks back in 2009. In August 2010 I had a database crash so I lost the references to the first 10,000 or so recordings…I still have them but I do not have a way to know who sang what. So the first recording I have on my website is me singing Rocket Man ISO (in the style of) Elton John and it was recorded on October 31, 2010. I started the numbering at 10000, so you can listen to that song by going to

Since then I have made a point out of singing every 10,000th song. Here is the list so far:
10,000: Rocket Man ISO Elton John,
20,000: Faithfully ISO Journey,
30,000: Waisted Time ISO The Eagles,
40,000: Crystal Ball ISO Styx,
50,000: Cover Of The Rolling Stone ISO Dr Hook,

KJ Paul Karaoke recording number 60,000 will happen either Monday or Tuesday, so either at my Lookout karaoke night or my Toad Hall karaoke night.