393 New Karaoke Songs

KJ Paul Karaoke is always buying new karaoke tracks. If there is internet access we buy them on the spot. If not they are purchased before the next show. Here are the 20 most recent karaoke tracks that have been added. To see a list of all 393 karaoke songs I have added since printing my most recent karaoke books (on 9/20/2013) you can go to my new karaoke songs A-Z page or my new karaoke songs by date page.

  Artist Title ID Date_Added
1 Lorde Royals G27875 17-Oct-13
2 Lorde Team G28082 17-Oct-13
3 Lorde Tennis Court (Explicit) G27945 17-Oct-13
4 Lorde The Love Club G28154 17-Oct-13
5 Baker, Anita Been So Long G11361 15-Oct-13
6 Hudson, Jennifer If This Isn´t Love G22100 15-Oct-13
7 Hudson, Jennifer Where You At G24610 15-Oct-13
8 Hudson, Jennifer (Dreamgirls) One Night Only Me02099 15-Oct-13
9 Hudson, Jennifer And Ne-Yo Feat. Rick Ross Think Like A Man G25422 15-Oct-13
10 Jay -Z Feat. Mr. Hudson Forever Young G23128 15-Oct-13
11 Broadway 1950s Standards Summertime Kv99173 15-Oct-13
12 Lavoe, Hector El Cantante Tz01512 14-Oct-13
13 Mars , Bruno Major Lazer Tyga And Mystic Bubble Butt (Explicit) G27930 14-Oct-13
14 Mars, Bruno Locked Out Of Heaven Zkg3558 14-Oct-13
15 Mars, Bruno Treasure Zkg3976 14-Oct-13
16 Pink Feat Nate Ruess Just Give Me A Reason Zkg3755 14-Oct-13
17 Del Rey, Lana Cola (Explicit) G27289 07-Oct-13
18 Del Rey, Lana Ride (Explicit) G27060 07-Oct-13
19 Del Rey, Lana Young And Beautiful G27797 07-Oct-13
20 Timberlake, Justin Mirrors G27511 07-Oct-13

New Karaoke Tracks Page!

I made a page on my website that lists new karaoke tracks. These are the new songs you will be able to sing, but are not listed in my printed books yet.

As many of you know I am constantly buying new songs as people request them. I don’t have an Internet connection at Dalva or Toad Hall, so many of the purchases are made when I get home at night. Typically if you hand me a card with a song I don’t have I tried to buy it as soon as I can if it is available…but keep in mind that the music industry in the US does not actually like selling music, so it often takes a while for a third party in another country to make the karaoke track. (Sad but true story!) Regardless, I buy songs all the time and wind up sending most of your tip money to Canada, France or England depending on the site I use. Bla Bla Bla… Here is the link:

Recently Purchased Karaoke Tracks!

Finding Songs Using Pandora

I often choose my radio station based on what I want to sing in the hopes of finding new gems. That is great when driving around, but when you are at your computer why not just enter one of your favorite singing songs into Pandora and create a channel based on it!

My new favorite song to sing is Wasted Time by the Eagles and here is what Pandora came up with:

  1. Bob Seger :: Against the Wind — Sang it!
  2. John Lennon :: Imagine — Added to my list!
  3. Counting Crows :: A Long December — Added!
  4. The Eagles :: The Last Resort — One of my staples.
  5. Styx :: The Best Of Times — GREAT IDEA!
  6. Jackson Brown :: The Pretender — Hmmm, will give it a shot.
  7. The Beatles :: The Long and Winding Road (Naked version) — Will give the Paul McCartney version a shot.
  8. The Eagles :: Hotel California (Hell Freezes Over version) — tough one, but love it. Wish I had that version!
  9. Journey :: When You Love a Woman — Whoa! Got to try it (-1:)
  10. Bob Seger :: We’ve Got Tonight — Sang it.

Wow, ten great songs in a row. Stop it already! I now have this weeks worth of materials to sing.

Once you have your list you can check my karaoke book to make sure I have it. If I don’t you can check if it is available on either TriceraSoft or Karaoke-Version. Let me know if you find any songs I don’t have that are available and I will gladly buy the song so you can sing it at my show. Your suggestions really help me build my book, so don’t be shy about asking.

I’ve opened up the comments for a few weeks, so click on the title of to go to the post and let me know what you find.

Find your recordings

There will be a search feature on this website soon, but for now you can find your songs by going to “SONGS” on the main menu at the top of the site and clicking on the month where you sang. Then you can use your browsers “find” feature (“Ctrl-F” or Windows Firefox) to find your name or the song title. Here is the list for October 2010.

90 Bowie songs!

I now have 90 David Bowie songs! The linked song names are recordings of people singing the song in the link. Here is the list:

  1. 1984
  2. 7
  3. Absolute Beginners
  4. All The Madmen
  5. An Occassional Dream
  6. Andy Warhol
  7. Ashes To Ashes
  8. Bewlay Brothers, The
  9. Big Brother
  10. Black Country Rock
  11. Black Tie White Noise
  12. Blue Jean
  13. Boys Keep Swinging
  14. Cactus
  15. Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)
  16. Changes
  17. China Girl
  18. Cygnet Committee
  19. D.J
  20. Dancing In The Street
  21. Day In Day Out
  22. Dead Man Walking
  23. Diamond Dogs
  24. Drive In Saturday
  25. Eight Line Poem
  26. Fame
  27. Fame (90´s Remix)
  28. Fashion
  29. Five Years
  30. God Knows I´m Good
  31. Golden Years
  32. Hallo Spaceboy
  33. Hang On To Yourself
  34. Helden (Heroes)
  35. Heroes
  36. I Can´t Read
  37. I´m Afraid Of Americans
  38. It Aint Easy
  39. Jean Genie
  40. John, I´m Only Dancing
  41. Jump They Say
  42. Knock On Wood
  43. Kooks
  44. Lady Grinning Soul
  45. Lady Stardust
  46. Laughing Gnome, The
  47. Let´s Dance
  48. Letter To Hermione
  49. Life On Mars
  50. London Boys, The
  51. Loving The Alien
  52. Magic Dance
  53. Man Who Sold The World, The
  54. Memory Of A Free Festival
  55. Modern Love
  56. Moonage Daydream
  57. Never Let Me Down
  58. Oh You Pretty Things
  59. Panic In Detroit
  60. Peace On Earth The Little Drummer Boy
  61. Port Of Amsterdam (Explicit)
  62. Prettiest Star, The
  63. Queen Bitch
  64. Quicksand
  65. Rebel Rebel
  66. Rock ´n´ Roll Suicide
  67. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
  68. Sorrow
  69. Soul Love
  70. Sound And Vision (808 Mix)
  71. Space Oddity
  72. Star
  73. Starman
  74. Suffagette City
  75. Supermen, The
  76. Thursday´s Child
  77. Time
  78. Tonight
  79. Tvc15
  80. Uncle Arthur
  81. Under Pressure
  82. Underground
  83. Unwashed & Somewhat Slightly Dazed
  84. When I Live My Dream
  85. Width Of A Circle, The
  86. Wild Is The Wind
  87. Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud, The
  88. Word On A Wing
  89. Young Americans
  90. Ziggy Stardust

Recordings temporary location

I am currently putting all the new recordings is a directory called:
http://kjpaul.com/songs/new/201009 (…/new/{yearmonth})

I am now trying to put the singer name and song title in the file name so people can identify them. Let me know if I put the wrong name of on the files.

Here is the back story:

The day I was leaving for Burning Man I got an urgent call from Scott, my sub, because he was having software issues. He was not able to pull up songs and there was a crowd waiting to sing! I could not help him over the phone so I rushed down to Deco.

It turned out that Just Karaoke failed in a major way. I could not fix the issue, so I had to download a new version of the software and reinstall it while everyone was waiting! In the heat of the moment I wound up corrupting the local backup of the database so I installed Just Karaoke fresh, without its history or any of my custom edits!

F#$%! All the data that was suppose to be there for the search functionality on kjpaul.com was now gone and I have to retrieve it from my backup hard drive! To make matters worse, Scott needed to use the software in the mean while and I have to merge the two if I want to keep the old history!

That really puts a monkey wrench in my plans to create the search feature for my site, so for the time being your will need to retrieve your songs from the temporary directory structure:

I will leave the songs I upload so people can link to them.

This also means that I can’t post any playlists until this is fixed.

More Bowie!

I purchased some more David Bowie songs to my list. The are all from SBI, which is one of my favorite karaoke track makers at this time. Here are the new songs:

Andy Warhol
Big Brother
Eight Line Poem
God Knows I’m Good
Lady Stardust
The Bewlay Brothers
The Supermen
Word On A Wing