Get Your Folly Feast Tickets Now!

The Folly Feast is an amazingly great time. For as little as $100 you will get a full three days of some of the craziest fun you have ever experienced without getting dusty. You would probably spend more if you stayed in the city that weekend and this event includes it all, even food and some booze. You can even BYOB. You can get on the Applause Bus on Friday night, Chicken John will drive. You will arrive at the Silver Queen and there will be rooms ready for you. There may not be a bed for everyone, so you may need to share, but there will be plenty of room.

We will have the entire hotel Sunday night as well, so feel free to bring a festive nightgown, fantastic robes or extravagant lingerie for a slumber party! If you are driving you are welcome to come on Friday and leave Monday. There are 300 guests and 28 rooms, so bring your own sleeping bag if you plan to stay the night. For those who would like to reserve a private room, we have some great reserved rooms in nearby hotels with a checkout time of 5pm Sunday. These private rooms cost extra, so contact us for details and make a full getaway weekend of it!

The town of Virginia City is a spectacularly beautiful historic little town. The views are breathtaking, the architecture is 1870s fabulous, the little shops and bars are amazing; there is even a planked sidewalk. There are hobby gunslingers, a man that has been walking his mule for years, long bearded cowboys… and none of in is fake. These people are for real! They are living it and you get to be a part of it for a weekend.

Then There is the Folly Feast! It is an all night costume ball that starts out as a feast! Yes…dinner is included in that $100! And the food is crazy good. Turkey legs, tri-tip, roasted vegetables, macaroni and cheese, salad, 3 kinds of bread pudding and I forgot what else…It is all made fresh and it is fabulous. If there are special food needs we can make it happen. Let us know.

During the Feast there is entertainment. Tons of it! There are burlesque acts, there is the Wink & Yoni show, Rube Waddell will play, The Mark Growden Quartet will play, Freddi Price is bringing his guitar; your mind will be blown by how amazing the entertainment is.

After the Feast begins the Folly starts. The Folly is all the little things that go on during the party. There are short-term weddings where you can get married to all of your friends or someone you have never met before. Its OK, it will automatically annul in just a few hours. You’re good! Five years from now you will be able to say “we were married once” and it will be fun then too! I promise!

It goes even further. There is a TON of Folly to be had at the Folly Feast. Each one of the 28 hotel rooms is its own little party. One of the rooms will feature these two amazing women who call themselves SPARKBOX. They are amazing. They have both played the Great American Music Hall with their perspective bands and you will be able to see them in a tiny hotel room. It will be beautiful.

Then there is Carletta Sue Kay. There is not nearly enough room here to describe Carletta Sue Kay. Let’s just say you will laugh, you will cry and you will be covered in goosebumps. Carletta Sue Kay also sells out the Great American Music Hall (GAMH).

Then Mark Growden will be walking through the halls and in various rooms playing his accordion. Mark Growden has sold out the GAMH many times. He is amazing! He sells out on nation wide tours.

And Rube Waddell will be playing! They are incredible! You will dance your asses off! They are one of my all time favorite bands to see play live and they don’t play that often any more. They are fantastic! You will want to get their albums!

The Saloon will also be open all night. There will be hot women and men down there. You will be able to dance and flirt. You may even wind up marrying one or two or five of them if you are smooth enough or maybe if they are drunk enough. But again, no harm. It will be annulled before they can even remember and your piece of paper won’t mean anything accept that it will put a smile on your face for years to come and you will have made a new friend. It’s great. I am still friends with the five women I married at Chicken’s Lost Vegas in 1998! It is a fun thing to do and Dr. Hal is amazing. He will blow your mind.

And there are 28 hotel rooms…I just described 3 or 4 of them…and there are 28! Then there is the Saloon, the Wedding Chapel and a Parlor. I could go on for pages!

Then, if you are on the bus you will be back in San Francisco Sunday night. No one at work will even have to know you were gone…you may have to explain the grin on your face, but I’m sure you can handle that. And all you spent was $100. Please…what else do I need to do? Come to my party already! All the info is on the website: (it currently forwards to, but I’m not going to fix that until after the party.) You can also invite people via the Facebook event:

See you in seven days!

Folly Feast #5 flier

KJ Paul at Jack’s

Roger Niner will be hosting at Rocketfish and KJ Paul will be hosting karaoke at Jack’s every Third Thursday starting this Thursday, April 19th, 2012.

Is Thursday the new Sunday? Will people hope between the various karaoke nights? It will be a great night of karaoke for sure!

KJ Paul:
Jack’s Bar
24th Street @ Utah
near Potrero Ave.

Roger Niner:
Rocketfish Lounge
18th Street @ Connecticut

Costume Karaoke Photos

As you probably know, I host karaoke at the Deco Lounge every Tuesday and Thursday and on Thursday I usually bring a huge rack of costumes and accessories and run a costume karaoke night, that I call “Costume Karaoke”:). The Costume Karaoke nights have been a super fun. Here are some photos that I took on the costume nights…

Karaoke Word Challenge game rules

“Karaoke Word Challenge” (KWC) game

7-9pm every Tuesday at the Deco Lounge, before the regular karaoke begins!

Loosely based on the board game called “Encore”, the KWC tests your knowledge of songs and challenges karaoke singers to sing songs they would not normally sing. It is a play on the karaoke rock block using a word as the factor that qualifies a song as a valid song for the round instead of an artist.

The winners get a “KJPaul Jump the Line” card that is valid at any KJ Paul’s regular karaoke nights. Here are the rules.

KJPaul runs a weekly KWC game every Tuesday 7-9pm at the Deco Lounge, 510 Larkin St. At 9pm the regular karaoke night begins.

Starting the game

The KWC is a game where the first player picks a number between 1 and 6 and then draws a card from the KWC deck. The word or phrase corresponding to the number is the word in play for the round.

Entering the game

Anyone who wants to be a part of the game puts their name on the list to hold their place in the lineup. The first player has one minute to think of a song to sing and all subsequent singers must turn in a slip with their choice by the time the singer before them finishes their song or they will have to wait until their turn in the next round until the game is over and a new one begins. Anyone coming into the game late will be placed at the end of the queue for the round. If the word is still in play after going through the queue once, the round is over and a new round begins from the beginning of the queue. This continues until the time runs out (i.e. it is 9pm) or until someone wins or losses the round.

Valid songs

Songs containing the word in play in the title or anywhere it the song is valid. An artist name containing the word in play can only be used once in the game.

How to win

If you are the last person to come up with a valid song you are the winner. The winner gets a KJ Paul “Jump the Line Card”, which is valid at any of KJ Paul’s karaoke nights.

There will also be consolation prizes given to people who the audience and the KJ judge as having made a particularly challenging choice, such as the word being hidden in the song and only occurring once or for singing a song they have never even heard before and giving it a good shot. There are only a limited number of consolation prizes so how they are given out will depend on how the night is going.

How to loose

If anyone sings an invalid song, the game is over and a new game beings with the last person who sang a valid song. They get to start the round and sing the first song. The person who lost is placed at the end of the queue for the next game.

History of the Karaoke Word Challenge game

The karaoke word challenge is a game based of a board game that KJ Paul found on the sidewalk while going for coffee one morning. The game is called “Encore” with the tag line “how many songs can you remember”. I obviously can’t call the game Encore Karaoke, so I am calling it the Karaoke Word Challenge.

George Super Hero BDay and CaffCom

George’s super hero birthday at Caffeinated Comics, playlist and recordings. Scott Annichino ran the karaoke and recorded many of the singers. Almost everyone was sporting a super hero costumes.

There was a ton of food and and booze.

Karaoke Songs Sung, highlightred songs are recordings *click one!*

    Singer Artist Title

  1. KJ Paul Deburgh, Chris Don´t Pay The Ferryman
  2. KJ Paul Eagles, The Life In The Fast Lane
  3. Ash Wednesday Reef Place Your Hands
  4. Ash Wednesday Rush Fly By Night
  5. Ash Wednesday Reef Place Your Hands
  6. Ash Wednesday Bush Glycerine
  7. George Mellencamp, John Jack & Diane
  8. George Stewart, Al Year Of The Cat, The
  9. Claudia Summer, Donna Bad Girls
  10. David Rihanna Take A Bow
  11. Ann Abba Money Money Money
  12. Jared Bonnie Tyler Holding Out For A Hero
  13. Kitty Little River Band, The Reminiscing
  14. Angie & George Preston, Billy & Syreeta With You I´m Born Again
  15. KJ Paul Styx Babe
  16. Becca Spiral Staircase More Today Than Yesterday
  17. Scott Chicago Does Anybody Really Know What Time It I
  18. Claudia Souljah Boy Tell Em Crank That
  19. Ash Wednesday Led Zeppelin Whole Lotta Love
  20. George Hernandez, Patrick Born To Be Alive
  21. Cyndonia X (Hizzle) Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl
  22. Ann Styx Come Sail Away
  23. Kitty Blondie Hanging On The Telephone
  24. Angie Mardones, Benny Into The Night
  25. Amber Aerosmith Dream On
  26. Andrea Labelle, Patti Lady Marmalade
  27. Glendo (Super Boner) Jackson, Micheal Don´t Stop ´Til You Get Enough
  28. Jared Cinderella Don´t Know What You Got
  29. David green day boulevard of broken dreams
  30. Becca Queen Another One Bites The Dust
  31. Ash Wednesday Breeders, The Cannonball
  32. Ann & George Twitty, Conway & Lynn, Loretta Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man
  33. Claudia Pink So What
  34. Kitty Kings Of Leon Use Somebody
  35. Ann & George Twitty, Conway & Lynn, Loretta Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man
  36. Amber & George B 52´s, The Love Shack
  37. Scott Standard Happy Birthday
  38. Spalding Journey Faithfully
  39. Bat Girl & Robin (Claudia & David) John, Elton & Dee, Kiki Don´t Go Breakin´ My Heart
  40. Amber Pink Just Like A Pill 
  41. Hizzle Quad City Dj´s C´mon N´ Ride It (The Train)
  42. Jared Berlin Take My Breath Away
  43. Becca & George elliott, missy work it
  44. Ash Wednesday 4 Non Blondes What´s Up
  45. Sugar n Spice n Nothing Nice Benatar, Pat Heartbreaker
  46. Jade Base, Rob & D.j. EZ Rock It Takes Two
  47. Ann Myles, Alannah Black Velvet
  48. Scott & George Climax Blues Band, The I Love You

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Deco Karaoke Replay night recordings

The Replay night was a huge success tonight and nearly everyone wanted to be recorded. Here are the recordings and the karaoke playlist.

Karaoke Songs Sung:

    Singer In The Style Of Song Title

  1. Nick David Bowie The Bewlay Brothers
  2. KJPaul Bowie, David Quicksand
  3. Nick Bowie, David Queen Bitch
  4. Lambchop Raitt, Bonnie I Can´t Make You Love Me
  5. Josh KCi & Jojo All My Life
  6. Thomas Harris, Major Love Won´t Let Me Wait
  7. KJPaul Bowie, David Oh You Pretty Things
  8. Nick Bowie, David Panic In Detroit
  9. Alex Joel, Billy Just The Way You Are
  10. Lambchop Benatar, Pat Heartbreaker
  11. Josh Boyz Ii Men Song For Mama, A
  12. Joey Day, Howie Collide
  13. Thomas -2 Turner, Tina Steamy Windows
  14. Lambchop Hawaiian About You
  15. Nick Bowie, David Wild Is The Wind
  16. Clint Janet Jackson Let´s Wait Awhile
  17. Ethan +2 Houston, Whitney I Will Always Love You
  18. Alex Streisand, Barbra Somewhere
  19. Jesse & Lambchop Tyler, Bonnie Total Eclipse Of The Heart
  20. David D Chapman, Tracy Give Me One Reason
  21. Ethan Sinatra, Frank My Way
  22. Joey Les Miserables Stars
  23. Alex Crumbsnatcher Erasure Love To Hate You
  24. Hal Wall Of Voo Doo Mexican Radio
  25. Kelsey Concrete Blonde Joey
  26. Jenner Michael, George Praying For Time
  27. Jade Smashing Pumpkins Today
  28. Nick Duran Duran View To A Kill, A
  29. Clint Nicks, Stevie Stand Back
  30. Lambchop Shirley & Lee Let The Good Times Roll
  31. Lambchop Cars, The Good Times Roll
  32. Steven B-52´s, The Rock Lobster
  33. Josh Usher Nice & Slow
  34. Jesse -1 Journey Faithfully
  35. Xavier degraw, gavin i don´t wanna be
  36. Robby Pet Shop Boys, The Opportunities (Let´s Make Lots Of Money)
  37. Jade & Jenner Franklin, Arethra Respect
  38. Alex Crumbsnatcher E-40 T-Pain & Kandi Girl U And Dat
  39. Kelsey Cream Sunshine Of Your Love
  40. Hal & David D Red Hot Chili Peppers By The Way
  41. Scott U2 All I Want Is You
  42. Jade Eve 6 Inside Out
  43. Nick Midnight Oil Beds Are Burning
  44. Clint Green, Al Let´s Stay Together
  45. Robby Inspiral Carpets This Is How It Feels
  46. Jesse Jet Look At What You´ve Done
  47. Xavier Mraz, Jason Wordplay
  48. Alex Crumbsnatcher Yazoo Only You
  49. Kelsey Kc & The Sunshine Band Get Down Tonight
  50. Jade Apple, Fiona Criminal
  51. Robby Concrete Blonde Everybody Knows
  52. Robby Cohen, Leonard Everybody Knows
  53. Chad Chicago Saturday In The Park
  54. Nick Bowie, David Jean Genie
  55. KJPaul Bowie, David Five Years
  56. Shakey Gibson Badu, Erykah Honey
  57. David D Red Hot Chili Peppers Soul To Squeeze
  58. Xavier Holiday, Jennifer And I Am Telling You I´m Not Going
  59. Jade Stone Temple Pilots Plush
  60. Jade Sinatra, Frank New York New York
  61. Ginger Buble, Michael Fever
  62. Alex Crumbsnatcher Skee-lo I Wish
  63. Randy They Might Be Giants Build A Little Birdhouse In Your Soul
  64. Nick David Bowie Andy Warhol
  65. Kelsey John, Elton Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  66. Shakey Gibson Kings Of Leon Sex On Fire

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Karaoke Kart at Carnival Playlist 5.30.10

Here is what people sang while the Karaoke Kart hit the streets for the 2010 SF Carnival parade and festival on May 30, 2010. Scott from the SFKM and Breezy helped out and sang there share of songs while people hesitated to sing on the street while they were still sober.

Karaoke Songs Sung:

            Singer Artist Title

  1. KJPaul Bowie, David Five Years
  2. KJPaul Roxy Music Dance Away
  3. KJPaul Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  4. Scott Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  5. KJPaul Presley, Elvis Don´t Be Cruel
  6. Scott Gin Blossoms Hey Jealousy
  7. carnival Lauper, Cindy Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  8. Carnival Lauper, Cyndi Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  9. KJPaul Williams, Hank Hey Good Lookin´
  10. Scott Simon, Paul Late In The Evening
  11. Elvis Richie, Lionel Dancing On The Ceiling
  12. Scott Red Hot Chili Peppers Otherside
  13. KJPaul Withers, Bill Ain´t No Sunshine
  14. KJPaul Beatles, The With A Little Help From My Friends
  15. KJPaul Yazoo Only You
  16. KJPaul Bowie, David Soul Love
  17. Samanta Charles, Ray Hit The Road Jack
  18. Scott Meatloaf You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth
  19. Scott Cohn, Marc Walking In Memphis
  20. KJPaul Cliff, Jimmy I Can See Clearly Now
  21. Breezy Prince Kiss
  22. Scott Grass Roots, The Temptation Eyes
  23. KJPaul John, Elton Candle In The Wind
  24. Breezy Notorious B.i.g. Big Poppa
  25. KJPaul Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  26. gals Jackson, Michael Beat It
  27. Danny Snoop Dogg & Pharrell & Uncle Charlie Wilson Beautiful
  28. Scott Kings Of Leon Use Somebody
  29. guys Beyonce Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
  30. guys Dr. Dre Nuthin´ But A ´g´ Thang
  31. Eileen Selena Como La Flor
  32. For Real Usher Nice & Slow
  33. Scott Doors, The Touch Me
  34. For Real lil wayne go dj
  35. KJPaul Seger, Bob Against The Wind
  36. Craig Seger, Bob & Silver Bullet Band Fire Lake
  37. Deanna Rosie & The Originals Angel Baby
  38. KJPaul Culture Club Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
  39. Scott Culture Club Karma Chameleon
  40. KJPaul Culture Club Victims
  41. Eileen Cruz, Celia Quimbara
  42. Abell Cruz, Celia & El General Ella Tiene Fuego
  43. Stacey Collins, Phil In The Air Tonight
  44. Scott All Over You
  45. Rachel Stewart, Billy Summertime
  46. Rache; Chesney, Kenny Summertime
  47. Rachel Jazz Summer Time
  48. KJPaul Eagles, The Tequila Sunrise
  49. Scott Deep Blue Something Breakfast At Tiffany´s
  50. Roger Rogers, Kenny Lady
  51. KJPaul Gray, Dobie Drift Away
  52. Scott Three Dog Night Black & White
  53. Breezy Madonna Like A Prayer
  54. KJPaul John, Elton Don´t Let The Sun Go Down On Me
  55. Scott Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Under The Bridge
  56. KJPaul Yazoo Nobody´s Diary
  57. Patrick Legit Jay Z Dirt Off Your Shoulder
  58. Scott Black Crowes, The Jealous Again

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New direction for this blog

I have been very impressed lately with the songs people are choosing to sing and I am going to start sharing the nightly playlists for a while. I think it will be great to see the different types of songs people sing at the various venues. It will also be a great resource for finding songs to sing.

Last night we had a series of great rock-block challenges, starting with Diana Ross, then Madonna and finally Prince. The rock blocks are a great way to get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

So without further ado, here is last nights list!

Playlist for 4/20/2010:
Singer: Artist; Title

    Rock Block 1: Diana Ross.

  1. George: Diana Ross; Love Child
  2. Scott: Diana Ross; Baby Love
  3. Rebecca: Diana Ross; The Boss
  4. KJPaul: Diana Ross; Do You Know Where You’re Going To
  5. Steven: Diana Ross; I’m Coming Out
  6. Jesse: 4 Non-Blondes; What’s Up
  7. Rob: Kris Kross; Jump
  8. Kelsey: Tom Petty; America Girl
  9. Rock Block 2: America

  10. George: America; Horse With No Name
  11. Scott: America; Ventura Highway
  12. Rebecca: America; Sister Golden Hair
  13. KJPaul: America; Tin Man
  14. Ed: Pink Floyd; Mother
  15. Jesse: The Beatles; Hey Jude
  16. Ryan: Elton John; Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues
  17. Rock Block 3: Madonna

  18. Scott: Madanna; Papa Don’t You Preach
  19. George: Madanna; Sooner or Later
  20. Rebecca: Madanna; Dress You Up
  21. Maddix: Madanna & Justin Timberlake; 4 Minutes
  22. Jesse: Madanna; Express Yourself
  23. KJPaul: Madanna; Material Girl
  24. Ferno: Gordon Lightfoot; If You Could Read My Mind
  25. David Delgado: The Beatles; Here Comes the Sun
  26. Jay: South Pacific; Some Enchanted Evening
  27. Kelsey: Grease; There Are Worse Things I Could Do
  28. Ryan: R.E.M.; Man On The Moon
  29. Ash: The Beatles; Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  30. Nick: David Bowie; God Only Knows
  31. David & Eric: Louis Prime; Just a Gigolo
  32. Rob: Franck Sinatra; Begin The Beguine
  33. Jade: Blues Traveler; Hook
  34. Ginger Snap: Squirrel Nut Zippers; Hell
  35. Kelsey & Duplicity: Jefferson Airplane; White Rabbit
  36. Ed: Bloodhound Gang; The Lap Dance Is So Much Better When The Stripper Is Crying
  37. Jesse: Elton John; Rocket Man
  38. Jay: Tom Jones; You’ll Never Walk Alone
  39. Ryan: Heart; Alone
  40. Scott: Firefall; Just Remember I Love You
  41. Jade: Tchnotronics; Pump Up The Jam
  42. Nick: David Bowie; The Bewlay Brothers
  43. Josh: Mgnt; Kids
  44. David & Chris: Little River Band; Cool Change
  45. Kendra: Tori Amos; Taxi Ride
  46. Eric: Paul Anka; You Are My Destiny
  47. Jesse & Ginger: Alladin; A Whole New World
  48. Kelsey: Blondie; Heart Of Glass
  49. Ed: Poison; Talk Dirty To Me
  50. Nick: David Bowie; Big Brother
  51. Scott: Fuel; Hemorrhage
  52. Ash: Black Crows; She Talks To Angles
  53. Robin: E. Badu; Tyrone
  54. Ginger: Michael Buble; Fever
  55. Josh: Green Day; Wake Me Up When September Ends
  56. Chris & Robin: Fleetwood Mac; Dreams
  57. Jesse: Part Of Your World; Little Mermaid
  58. David & Chris: Eagle Eyed Cherry; Save Tonight
  59. Ash: David Bowie; Ziggy Stardust
  60. Kendra: Guns N´ Roses; Don´t Cry (Original)
  61. Nick: David Bowie; Bewlay Brothers
  62. Josh: The Five Satins; In The Still Of The Night
  63. Nick & Chris: Little Shop Of Horrors; Suddenly Seymour
  64. Kelsey: Otis Redding; Try A Little Tenderness
  65. Rock Block 4: Hank Williams

  66. KJPaul: Hank Williams; I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
  67. Chris: Hank Williams; Why Don´t You Love Me
  68. Ginger: James Taylor; You’ve Got A Friend
  69. Kelsey: Otis Redding; I’ve Been Loving You So Long
  70. Nick: David Bowie; Eight Line Poem