Finding Songs Using Pandora

I often choose my radio station based on what I want to sing in the hopes of finding new gems. That is great when driving around, but when you are at your computer why not just enter one of your favorite singing songs into Pandora and create a channel based on it!

My new favorite song to sing is Wasted Time by the Eagles and here is what Pandora came up with:

  1. Bob Seger :: Against the Wind — Sang it!
  2. John Lennon :: Imagine — Added to my list!
  3. Counting Crows :: A Long December — Added!
  4. The Eagles :: The Last Resort — One of my staples.
  5. Styx :: The Best Of Times — GREAT IDEA!
  6. Jackson Brown :: The Pretender — Hmmm, will give it a shot.
  7. The Beatles :: The Long and Winding Road (Naked version) — Will give the Paul McCartney version a shot.
  8. The Eagles :: Hotel California (Hell Freezes Over version) — tough one, but love it. Wish I had that version!
  9. Journey :: When You Love a Woman — Whoa! Got to try it (-1:)
  10. Bob Seger :: We’ve Got Tonight — Sang it.

Wow, ten great songs in a row. Stop it already! I now have this weeks worth of materials to sing.

Once you have your list you can check my karaoke book to make sure I have it. If I don’t you can check if it is available on either TriceraSoft or Karaoke-Version. Let me know if you find any songs I don’t have that are available and I will gladly buy the song so you can sing it at my show. Your suggestions really help me build my book, so don’t be shy about asking.

I’ve opened up the comments for a few weeks, so click on the title of to go to the post and let me know what you find.

Karaoke Word Challenge at CaffCom

Caffeinated Comics Karaoke Word Challenge

It was a great evening of karaoke and the Karaoke Word Challenge (KWC) game was a success! I love the night and will do it again once or twice before the end of the year.

KWC “Toe” round

The first word was “Toe”. Nick was the winner of the first round with the line “dancing toe to toe” in the Roxy Music song “Love is the Drug”.

KWC “Skin” round

The word for Round 2 was “Skin”. Ash was the winner of round 2 with the line “my skin is bare, my skin is theirs” in the Filter song “Take A Picture”.

The “Skin” round was a bit long with 23 songs which left people out of the game a little too long and as a result I have decided to change how the game is played a little. Next time I run the game I will group the songs and let people choose songs to sing from the list rather than having everyone try to figure out possible songs on their own. Then, when it is their turn they can either sing one of the songs on the list or bow out of the round.

The recordings on the event are top notch. You can see:
The entire night
The “Toe” round (Round 1 winner)
The “Skin” round (Round 2 winner)