Recordings syncing once again

Some of you noticed that the recordings from the past few weeks were not matching up with the songs listed. The issue started when I had to restore my laptop from my backups. It turned out that I lost about 500 records, so there are a couple of weeks worth of songs missing. I still have those recordings, but they are currently stored as orphaned files on my server. I may or may not try to restore the links to those files. If there is a particular one you want restored I may be able to restore it for you. You can find them at:

UPDATE: I moved the files into their individual nights, so now they are in the flow by date, but they are named “Orphan”. If I actually find the missing records I will add the names and titles etc. In the mean while, it is pretty easy to scan through the nights if you want to grab your songs…just hit “Play All” and click the >> until you hear the song you are looking for.

The orphaned files start at and go though As always you can see the list of all the nights at:

New Books + Recording pages miss-match

I recently had to restore my karaoke laptop from backup and in the process an error occurred in the file numbering, so some of the recordings are out of sync with the song pages. So, when you play a karaoke recording it may not be what it says it is. I am aware of this and will fix it soon.

The good news is that I fixed a lot of the file names so the naming of the songs will be better and I created new song books. You can see the books online now at

I will be printing new books soon. I will print By Artist books and By Song book. I will add the “Potential Duets” pages to the front of the “By Artist” books and the Spanish pages to the back of the by Artist books.

Recordings temporary location

I am currently putting all the new recordings is a directory called: (…/new/{yearmonth})

I am now trying to put the singer name and song title in the file name so people can identify them. Let me know if I put the wrong name of on the files.

Here is the back story:

The day I was leaving for Burning Man I got an urgent call from Scott, my sub, because he was having software issues. He was not able to pull up songs and there was a crowd waiting to sing! I could not help him over the phone so I rushed down to Deco.

It turned out that Just Karaoke failed in a major way. I could not fix the issue, so I had to download a new version of the software and reinstall it while everyone was waiting! In the heat of the moment I wound up corrupting the local backup of the database so I installed Just Karaoke fresh, without its history or any of my custom edits!

F#$%! All the data that was suppose to be there for the search functionality on was now gone and I have to retrieve it from my backup hard drive! To make matters worse, Scott needed to use the software in the mean while and I have to merge the two if I want to keep the old history!

That really puts a monkey wrench in my plans to create the search feature for my site, so for the time being your will need to retrieve your songs from the temporary directory structure:{yearmonth}

I will leave the songs I upload so people can link to them.

This also means that I can’t post any playlists until this is fixed.

Becoming a KJ

I think it is funny how people often ask me what it would take to become a KJ. Here are the steps I tell them:
Step 1: Spend $20,000 on karaoke music
Step 2: Spend $5,000 on karaoke equipment
Step 3: Learn the skills required by doing free parties for your friends for a couple of years
Step 4: Find your self some paying gigs, but don’t expect them to cover the costs of steps 1 and 2 any time soon
Step 5: Marketing, Marketing, Marketing
Step 6: Make the party happen every single night and hope the tips make up for what is missing in Step 4, which they won’t

Step 3 can happen while you are working on Step 1 and 2, but you really need to finish steps 1-3 before you can get to Step 4.

You become a KJ because it is FUN. That is the bottom line. The hand full of successful KJs in San Francisco are there because they have all been at it for many years and have completed steps 1-3 in various ways.

Karaoke Kart hits Carnival playlist 5-30-2010

KJPaul created the Karaoke Kart out of components from Car-E-Oke and a baby jogger. KJPaul, Scott Annechino, Breezy and Max took the Karaoke Kart out for the 2010 SF Carnival parade. After the parade we parked on Harrison Street which was closed to cars for the weekend. Here is what people sang.

karaoke kart with KJPaul and crowd following
Karaoke Kart on 24th St in the 2010 SF Carnival parade

Karaoke Songs Sung:

            Singer Artist Title

  1. Scott Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  2. KJPaul Presley, Elvis Don´t Be Cruel
  3. Scott Gin Blossoms Hey Jealousy
  4. carnival Lauper, Cindy Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  5. Carnival Lauper, Cyndi Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  6. KJPaul Williams, Hank Hey Good Lookin´
  7. Scott Simon, Paul Late In The Evening
  8. Elvis Richie, Lionel Dancing On The Ceiling
  9. Scott Red Hot Chili Peppers Otherside
  10. KJPaul Withers, Bill Ain´t No Sunshine
  11. KJPaul Beatles, The With A Little Help From My Friends
  12. KJPaul Yazoo Only You
  13. KJPaul Bowie, David Soul Love
  14. Samanta Charles, Ray Hit The Road Jack
  15. Scott Meatloaf You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth
  16. Scott Cohn, Marc Walking In Memphis
  17. KJPaul Cliff, Jimmy I Can See Clearly Now
  18. Breezy Prince Kiss
  19. Scott Grass Roots, The Temptation Eyes
  20. KJPaul John, Elton Candle In The Wind
  21. Breezy Notorious B.i.g. Big Poppa
  22. KJPaul Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  23. gals Jackson, Michael Beat It
  24. Danny Snoop Dogg & Pharrell & Uncle Charlie Wilson Beautiful
  25. Scott Kings Of Leon Use Somebody
  26. guys Beyonce Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
  27. guys Dr. Dre Nuthin´ But A ´g´ Thang

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karaoke kart with 3 girls singing
Singing on Harrison Street

Black man singing with karaoke kart

Scott singing in front of crowd of people on Harrison St.
Scott hamming it up for crowd on Harrison Street

lady singing karaoke on the street

Breezy singing in front of crowd with red feather wig on
Breezy hamming it up at 2010 Carnival
KJPaul with mask on singing on Harrison Street
KJPaul Hamming it up on Harrison Street

Scott singing on Harrison Street

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Jaminator Karaoke Air Guitar at Dalva!

KJPaul jamming on the Jaminator…the ultimate karaoke air guitar at the Sunday Dalva karaoke bar night in the SF Mission District.

The Jaminator is the ultimate air guitar! No only does it feel great in your hands, but it has a built in keytar and drum kit! Yes, you read that right. This thing is amazing. You can learn more about the Jaminator in the blog post Jaminator, the Ultimate Air Guitar.

Come give the Jaminator a spin at one of my many karaoke nights.

KJPaul Jaming on the Jaminator Air Guitar
KJPaul Jaming on the Jaminator Air Guitar

KJPaul jaming on the Jaminator Air Saxophone
KJPaul jaming on the Jaminator Air Saxophone