Come Karaoke Burning Man!

Howdy Ya’ll! I am head’n off to Burn a Man in the desert. Will sing a lot of karaoke in the process. Come karaoke Burning Man with us! The camp is called The Hammock Hangout The karaoke will be on Desiderata (D) near 4:30 in the Hammock Hangout*. Come Rock the Playa and Black Rock City!

While I am gone Eileen (Punkrock-N-Shlock) will cover Dalva and The Lookout and Dana will cover Toad Hall and El Rio. The Karaoke will go on!
Hammock Hangout Karaoke Lounge
Karaoke BRC at Desiderata (D) near 4:30 in the Hammock Hangout!

*The people are The Hammock Hangout are called “Space Cats” and they love singing karaoke! Many of you have probably karaokied with them on the {RV}IP Lounge