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Bon Scott At Rocketfish?

Bon Scott made a surprising return from the dead for a one time only appearance at Rocketfish this Thursday!
Bon Scott

Other unexpected guests included sightings
Dolores O’Riordan from the Cranberries

Elton John

members of Squeeze

and Joan Jett

The night was filled with amazing performances!

KJ Paul at Jack’s

Roger Niner will be hosting at Rocketfish and KJ Paul will be hosting karaoke at Jack’s every Third Thursday starting this Thursday, April 19th, 2012.

Is Thursday the new Sunday? Will people hope between the various karaoke nights? It will be a great night of karaoke for sure!

KJ Paul:
Jack’s Bar
24th Street @ Utah
near Potrero Ave.

Roger Niner:
Rocketfish Lounge
18th Street @ Connecticut

Amazing singing at Rocketfish

Everything just seems to come together at the Rocketfish Lounge on the Thursday karaoke nights. Here are just some of the amazing songs:

Escalante: Let’s Stay Together in the style of Al Green
Baker: Rich Girl in the style of Hall & Oates
Gabe: When Doves Cry in the style of Prince
Thomas: Danny’s Song in the style of Kenny Loggins
Dana: Rock And Roll (loaded Album Version) in the style of The Velvet Underground

Here is the complete list of song sung of 01/05/2012 at the Rocketfish Lounge

Shirts came off at Rocketfish Karaoke!

Last week a group came in to Rocketfish for the first time on a karaoke night. They were there when I started at 8pm and stayed until close. They were having a great time. At the end of the night I said, as I often do, “and you can hear the entire night again tomorrow on!” They were super excited about it and I even played a little sample clip for them on the spot before they left.

The next day I saw a spike in traffic on because they were all listening to it and they passed the URL around their office and to their friends. When I got to Rocketfish last night (12/22/2011) there was a large group of them there waiting to sing. It got a little crazy! Here are some photos and the recordings!

Kids Karaoke at Rocketfish

Kid friendly karaoke, Rocketfish Lounge every Thursday on Potrero Hill.

Full bar. Amazing food. Karaoke for kids and adults. Something for everybody!

Besides the AMAZING FOOD at the Rocketfish Lounge, the fact that there is karaoke for kids and adults is one of my favorite things. Everybody loves kids karaoke, especially when the kids can really sing and Kate Cooley ROCKED it at the Rocketfish Lounge on Thursday. She was a little shy at first, but after her first song the crowd whet wild and she was hooked! You have to listen to her first song! It is AWESOME!

Here are all for the songs Kate Cooley sang:

Here are all the songs sung on Thursday, November 17, 2011 at the Rocketfish Lounge.

Happy 11-11-11

Happy 11/11/11!

I walked into Rocketfish Lounge last night and there was a crowd waiting to sing karaoke. I started the karaoke just after 8pm and it was amazing! The singing was breathtaking!

Happy Birthday Mike!

Rocketfish Karaoke in Potrero Hill rules! Don’t forget to ask for the free KJ Roll! Karaoke, booze and fabulous sushi! Thursday nights are the best!