New Saturday starting 3/1/14

KJ Paul will be hosting karaoke at the SoMa StrEat Food Park every Saturday starting March 1, 2014. The karaoke will start at 7pm and will go until midnight. There are food trucks, a beer & wine bar and a heated covered area. There can be multiple karaoke stages. All ages are welcome! Let’s blow them out of the park on opening night… Saturday, March 1st, 2014!

RV + Karaoke + Movie

Let’s Ruin It With Babies!


KJ Paul is in Hollywood for the closing night of Let’s Ruin It With Babies. He will be driving the RVIP Karaoke Lounge to San Francisco in the morning.

Let’s Ruin It With Babies will open at the Roxy Theater Saturday, February 8 at 7pm and the RVIP Karaoke Lounge will be there. Come watch the movie and rock out in the RVIP Lounge after the movie!

Let’s Ruin It With Babies is the real life magical story of a couple who met at a KJ Paul Karaoke event and went on to craft an amazing Karaoke fantasy known as the RVIP Lounge.

Se the movie and rock out with us this Saturday!