Last karaoke night of 2013

There is no karaoke at Toad Hall tomorrow, so this is the last karaoke night of the yeast for me. The Lookout is already decorated and there is a decent crowd considering that it is NYE tomorrow. The rotation is quick however.


Folly Feast Fashion and Flirt Fling #5!!!

It is happening again! Duke Dutchy, KJ Paul’s alter ego will be bringing you the Folly Feast Fashion and Flirt Fling #5 on February 1, 2014! This is KJ Paul’s best party of the year and you do not want to miss it! It starts out as a giant Feast. It is a costume ball (Fashion!). There will be lots of Folly…28 rooms of karaoke, entertainment, libations, amazing performances, burlesque, comedy, short term weddings…all night long! Flirt: 300 sirs and madams of all flavors, tastes and desires. Be naughty and be nice all night long, you do not want to miss this Fling of Flings!

The Folly Feast Fashion and Flirt Fling is a fun, sexy, extravagant, eccentric feast and costume ball; fun, debauchary and sexiness will happen, but the FFFFF is not a sex party.

Virginia City FFFFF 5 Promotional from Sean Strauss on Vimeo.

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Getting carried away

I had a company party at the Presidio Bowl on Friday. I set up lights and a new smoke machine called the Geyser RGB. I got a little carried away…




KJ Paul Karaoke tonight at the Lookout!

IMG_1133KJ Paul Karaoke Mondays at The Lookout always makes for a fun night out in The Castro. We start early at 8PM, and the bar doesn’t get crowded until later in the evening, so there is a short rotation and you can sing several songs before the rush. Check out the best in San Francisco karaoke tonight!