New ceiling-mounted karaoke monitor at El Rio!

Now included in the permanent karaoke set-up for El Rio — a monitor installed on the ceiling! Next time you simply have to fall back and belt it out, you will still have the words right in front of your eyes. See it in action at karaoke tonight, starts at 8PM.

Karaoke monitor on the ceiling at El Rio
Karaoke monitor on the ceiling at El Rio karaoke at Gestalt Haus, SF on Thursday, June 6!

KJ Paul and KJ Dana will be co-hosting a karaoke night at Gestalt Haus (3159 16th St, SF) on Thursday, June 6th at 8PM. Come out and show your support. If the night goes well, it could become a monthly event. Great food! Five pinball machines! Mark your calendar!

Gestalt Haus, 3159 16th St, SF
Gestalt Haus, 3159 16th St, SF

Crazy Train…ISO Death Metal at the Lucky Horseshoe!

Karaoke at the Lucky Horseshoe hosted by KJ Dana got pretty crazy last night. There were was pretty rocking renditions of songs. Lady Zeitgeist did a fantastic version of Crazy Train in the style of DEATH METAL!

Then Wowy followed it up with a tribute to Lady Zeitgeist

Yes the recording pages are still down. I have not had a break long enough to sit down and fix them. It will happen ASAP. The songs are still being recorded and they are there it is just the script that reads them is out of sync with the database. I will fix it and add some col new features soon! Promise!

Karaoke++ is this Saturday at El Rio!

I am throwing an event called Karaoke++ at El Rio this weekend! (May 11, 2013)

I will be running 3 karaoke events at the same time from one computer. There will be karaoke on the main stage plus I will be running two stages of silent karaoke in the back yard…all from one computer, all on one screen.

I will have 20 headphones, 10 wireless and broadcast on an FM station so people can tune it if the bring on FM radio.

I will also be bringing out my costume closet.

It will be Karaoke madness!

Facebook Event

Hope to see you there!

Karaoke++ at El Rio KJPaul Event Flier

No more karaoke at Rocketfish

Karaoke with KJPaul at Rocketfish Lounge has ended as of last Thursday. It was a fun night in a great venue, but it never found its footing.
KJ Paul has been getting more requests for private parties and corporate events, and is not looking to add another public night at this time. To book a private karaoke party, contact Dana Morrigan at 

Karaoke++ at El Rio on Saturday, May 11th at El Rio.

Karaoke++ is:

  • Karaoke on the main stage at El Rio
  • plus the KJPaul costume rack
  • plus Silent Karaoke in the back yard

That means the list will go 3x as fast because there will be 3 karaoke songs playing at the same time and there will be costumes and costume accessories available for you to play with!

Karaoke  + Costume rack + Silent Karaoke
+ Costume rack
+ Silent Karaoke