Free KJ Roll night

Hey Everyone. Tonight, Thursday 10/20/2011, is another FREE KJ ROLL night. All you have to do is say you are there for KJ Paul and you will get a free roll. Come out and sing some karaoke and enjoy your free KJ Roll. Last week it was a roll with tempura shrimp, spicy tuna and tofu. It was very yummy and quite substantial! It was also an amazing karaoke night. The crowd was super supportive and everyone was having a fantastic time. Come check it out! The Rocketfish Lounge is on the corner of 18th and Connecticut just up the hill from the Parkside. Here is the Facebook event.

Recordings syncing once again

Some of you noticed that the recordings from the past few weeks were not matching up with the songs listed. The issue started when I had to restore my laptop from my backups. It turned out that I lost about 500 records, so there are a couple of weeks worth of songs missing. I still have those recordings, but they are currently stored as orphaned files on my server. I may or may not try to restore the links to those files. If there is a particular one you want restored I may be able to restore it for you. You can find them at:

UPDATE: I moved the files into their individual nights, so now they are in the flow by date, but they are named “Orphan”. If I actually find the missing records I will add the names and titles etc. In the mean while, it is pretty easy to scan through the nights if you want to grab your songs…just hit “Play All” and click the >> until you hear the song you are looking for.

The orphaned files start at and go though As always you can see the list of all the nights at:

Rocketfish–best ever!

Sometimes a karaoke night just goes off. Well, it happened at the Rocketfish Lounge on Thursday. It was the perfect storm of people, food, drinks and singing.

Kenichi was giving an amazing KJ Roll to whoever came in and asked for it. You just had to say you were there for KJ Paul and you got the FREE KJ Roll. The roll had tempura shrimp, spicy tuna and tofu in it. It was very tasty. He will be doing the same next week, so come in and take advantage of it…just say you are there for KJ Paul.

I sang a few back to back songs to get the night going, but once the crowd started singing it kept going and going, for a good five hours of karaoke! People were super supportive and fun. The crowd went wild for every song. It was just one of those nights. Here are the Rocketfish Lounge karaoke recordings for Thursday October 13, 2011.

New Books + Recording pages miss-match

I recently had to restore my karaoke laptop from backup and in the process an error occurred in the file numbering, so some of the recordings are out of sync with the song pages. So, when you play a karaoke recording it may not be what it says it is. I am aware of this and will fix it soon.

The good news is that I fixed a lot of the file names so the naming of the songs will be better and I created new song books. You can see the books online now at

I will be printing new books soon. I will print By Artist books and By Song book. I will add the “Potential Duets” pages to the front of the “By Artist” books and the Spanish pages to the back of the by Artist books.

A Singers Night at the Lookout

Maybe it was because it was the day after the Castro Street Fair or maybe it was because of the rain; either way, the crowd was very thin at The Lookout tonight. Regardless, it was an amazing night. The rotation was about 30 minutes or less, so people got to sing a lot and there were plenty of amazing singing. Valerie killed it once again with Half Breed and Dark Lady. Rebecca sang Ballroom Blitz, Personal Jesus and Pepper. Here is the complete playlist for the karaoke night.

Balmy night at Dalva

It was a rockin night at Dalva. I got the karaoke going right at 9pm and there was a crowd there waiting to sing. Many of the usual suspects were there as well as a good crowd of people who were there just to have drinks and watch the karaoke. The crowd was very supportive, applauding for every song. It was a great night. Here is the playlist. Ann Z and Jared were there and Ann Z sang Candy with KJ Paul. Nick rocked She’s So Cold and Nina took the house down with Seven Nation Army!

Johnny closed us out by singing I Left My Heart In San Francisco a cappella

20,000 new pages

The individual song, singer, artist, song title and individual night pages are now live on You can now search for a singer, a night or a song title or an “in the style of” artist and get back all the karaoke recordings that match your search. There are even Wikipedia and YouTube links to the artist or song title when viewing either an artist or title selection.

You can also view individual song pages so you and link to individual song on Facebook and there is even a short URL so you can twitter your recordings if you so desire. To get to the individual “[S]ong pages” click on the [S] on the for right of each row! If the row is yellow the recording is linked and you can play it. If it is white, the recording either does not exist or it is not link so you can’t play it.

Here are a few examples:

Agent J singing Wild is the Wind in the style of David Bowie:
Full: Short:

All the songs where the artist name contains “Bruce””
Full: Shrot:

All the songs with “Love” in the title:
Full: Short:

All the songs sung by “David P”:
Full: Short:

All the songs sung on Thursday, September 29th: