Tribute to Juanita Musson photos and recordings

Loads of wonderful friends old and new came to the Warehouse Cafe in Port Costa, CA to help pay tribute to the accomplished life of Juanita Musson, who took over the Warehouse in Port Costa and “quickly stood out in a small town already known for its characters.” Well known for her heavy drinking, her large breasts, and her tendency to lift her muu-muu to piss in the street, her spirit encouraged one and all come to a party to lose their inhibitions and gain their confidence!

Bras were padded,, muu-muus were donned and fake genitalia was brandished with glee. Proud merry making was had, along with plenty of humiliation – a good-natured and bawdy lewdness that would surely have made Juanita proud!

Juanita commemoration speech

Gina licking whipcream off tip of fake genitalia

Here are a few of the songs sang that night:

Trixie singing “In Memory Of You”

I Got You bitch

Karina singing Just A Girl

Sunshine singing Pussycat Song

Darrell singing Hot Rod Lincoln

Alan singing Unchain My Heart

For Monica

And the winner is…

We had extraordinary, legendary, epic performances on the RVIP Lounge for the East/West/Investors/Press Karaoke Showdown.  Techcrunch summarized the event here. East coast startups were represented by Foursquare. West coast startups by Get Satisfaction, investors by Andreessen Horowitz, and, lastly, the press by Wired.

Performances “and the general ability to ‘bring it’” earned points, and OMFG did people bring it.  Dennis Crowley got the crowd moshing to Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone”, Thor Muller crowdsurfed and got audience members to remove their pants, and Yujin Chung made the people sing.  BUT…

The RVIP 2011 SXSW Contest winner is…. THE PRESS, represented by Jon Snyder (Wired) and Seth Porges (Popular Mechanics).

Listen to the winning performance below:

Ziggy Stardust, live at Deco

Nick and KJ Paul sung the entire Ziggy Stardust album in the style of David Bowie at the Deco Lounge on Thursday (3/31), Costume Karaoke night. a

Nick singing Five Years

KJ Paul singing Soul Love

Nick singing Moonage Daydreamer

KJ Paul singing starman

Nick singing It Ain’t Easy

KJ Paul singing Lady Stardust

KJ Paul singing Star

Nick singing Hang On To Yourself

KJ Paul singing Ziggy Stardust

Nick singing Suffragette City

KJ Paul singing Rock ´n´ Roll Suicide

Nick singing John, I´m Only Dancing