Lookout sounding better and better

It always takes a little while to settle into a new venue and the Lookout was no exception. The Lookout has an amazing sound system and tv screens everywhere. It took 3 video adapters to find one that worked with the setup there, but now there is karaoke on all to the screens. I have also been tweaking the sound setup a little every week. Now I have two stage monitors and am able to take full advantage of the house setup. Come and check it out again, I think you will like what you see/hear.

Another thing that is great about the Lookout is how much the audience pays attention to the karaoke. The crowd is there for the singers and the clap and dance and have a great time. It is a solid karaoke night.

Every Monday at the Lookout 8pm to 2am (excluding holidays).
3600 16th St. San Francisco CA 94114

At the intersection or 16th Street and Market Street, upstairs above Max Muscle and Squat and Gobble.

Karaoke Word Challenge at CaffCom

Caffeinated Comics Karaoke Word Challenge

It was a great evening of karaoke and the Karaoke Word Challenge (KWC) game was a success! I love the night and will do it again once or twice before the end of the year.

KWC “Toe” round

The first word was “Toe”. Nick was the winner of the first round with the line “dancing toe to toe” in the Roxy Music song “Love is the Drug”.

KWC “Skin” round

The word for Round 2 was “Skin”. Ash was the winner of round 2 with the line “my skin is bare, my skin is theirs” in the Filter song “Take A Picture”.

The “Skin” round was a bit long with 23 songs which left people out of the game a little too long and as a result I have decided to change how the game is played a little. Next time I run the game I will group the songs and let people choose songs to sing from the list rather than having everyone try to figure out possible songs on their own. Then, when it is their turn they can either sing one of the songs on the list or bow out of the round.

The recordings on the event are top notch. You can see:
The entire night
The “Toe” round (Round 1 winner)
The “Skin” round (Round 2 winner)

Caffeinated Comics Karaoke day

Karaoke KJPaul will be hosting from 4-9 tomorrow (Saturday, 11/12/11) at Caffeinated comics…Here is the Facebook event.

We will start the night off with the karaoke word challenge at 4. The grand prize: A free KJ Roll at Rocketfish Sushi…good any Thursday 8-midnight and a KJ Paul jump the line card!

Caffeinated Comics Co.
3188 Mission St (@ Valencia)
4-9pm Saturday 11-12-11
All Ages!

Karaoke on the Streets of Richmond–Halloween 2011

Richmond, CA karaoke Halloween block party

Every year for the past 10 years Don and Tracy have put on a giant Halloween block party for kids. It is always an amazing event with many spectacular entertainers and fun for kids. Molitov sets up his sideshow trailer and demonstrates sword swallowing, whips acts, lasso acts and knife throwing. Crimebo the Clown makes balloon figures

KJ Paul Karaoke hosted a karaoke stage at the in Richmond, California on Halloween evening from 5 to 10pm. There were about 300 kids, but it took a while for them to get up the nerve to sing. Once they did get up the nerve, Baby by Justin Bieber was the clear winner. It was requested at least 10 times and I played it 5 times! There was usually a group of kids up there singing it. I love how kids just join each other happily and just sing along of dance.

The kids were great and I have recordings, but I did not ask anyone if I could put them on the website, so I limited it to my friends. If you are one of the parents and want me to post the recordings, just let me know. you can email me at kj(AT)kjpaul.com.

There were many highlights and two of my favorites where when the clowns sang. When a Clown Loves A Woman by Crimebo the Clown. All Night Long by Mungo The Clown.

Here is the list of songs sung!

All photos taken by Rick Washburn and Don and Tracy Feldstein’s Halloween Block party 2011.