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Karaoke Word Challenge Game

Take the karaoke challenge and play the KWC game

The Karaoke Word Challenge (KWC) game is a game that challenges participants to sing new songs. It is a karaoke challenge of whit and skill. It challenges you to sing songs you don’t necessarily know and even to fake it if you need to. How many songs do you know and are you willing to step up to the plate and try to sing a song you may hardly know or even never heard before?

The Karaoke Word Challenge started when I found the game called “Encore” on the sidewalk. The tag-line is “Encore, how many songs can you remember?” The Encore game includes a stack of cue cards. Each of which contains 5 color coded words and a phrase. In the original game the idea is to have two teams compete to come up with songs based on one of the words and sing at least 6 words from the song. The round goes back and forth until one team fails to come up with a new song. Then the next color is chosen. In the KWC modification of the game it is all about who can sing the songs. After several rounds of the game here are the rules I have settled on. They will probably change again after the next round, so check back here before attending the game each time to make sure you understand the latest rules. Here they are:

  1. Someone picks a color out of the “hat” and draws a card to select the word for the round.
  2. The entire group of players then comes up with a list of songs to choose from for the round. This is the pool of songs each player must select from.
  3. People can add to the list for the round as they think of songs, but new adds go into the pool for the following rotation unless there are not enough songs to complete the current rotation. Songs can no longer be added once the last song has been selected.
  4. Everyone who wants to participate puts their name on a slip and puts them in the hat. The names get drawn to determine the singer order. This is the order for the entire game.
  5. Newcomers can be added to the end of a rotation, even mid round.
  6. Singers who have skipped a rotation can rejoin the following rotation, but any new songs must be added to the pool by them before the round starts.
  7. When it is your turn you state the song you want to sing or pass if there are no songs you feel comfortable singing.
  8. If a singer starts a song but can’t finish it, they can stop. The following singer can finish the song or the song is removed from the pool and they can choose another song. The audience can help the singer. If the singer can “sing” over half the words of the song and get to the end of the song, it is deemed successful.
  9. The winner is the person who “successfully” sings the last song.

Rotation: One turn for each singer.
Round: All the rotations to finish a word.
Game: All the rounds for the night.
Hold: Someone who chooses to not take their turn and is out for the rotation.
Stop: Someone who is out of the rotation because they couldn't sing the song they chose.

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