Car-e-oke: karaoke broadcast on FM radio channel, either while driving or while parked.

KJ Paul brings you:


taking karaoke to the road!

ALERT: car-e-oke will be taking it to the streets this Friday, March 4, 2005. We will meet at 6:30 pm at the Dovre Club (26th & Valencia). I will drive my van with the car-e-oke system (max 10 occupancy). Other vehicles are welcome to follow to listen or sing via one of the wireless mics. We will make a few stops so people can trade off driving and mics. Weather permitting we will end up at an undisclosed location for some renegade car-e-oke fun. We will return to the Dovre Club before the bar closes. -- If someone wants to follow us and film (to make a little quicktime video) that would be way cool...

We offer car-e-oke as a mobile karaoke party that can take place in a group of one or more cars, vans or limos. Each vehicle must be equipped with its own car stereo with an FM receiver. The better the stereos the better the sound.

A car-e-oke caravan is a mobile karaoke party where the group in one vehicle sings via an FM transmitter to the other cars in the caravan as well as to anyone nearby who wants to listen in and "join" the party. There are usually a few wireless mics so people in a few other vehicals can sing along. When the party arrives at its destination, all the vehicles park in a circle with their stereos tuned to the same channel to amplify the karaoke. If possible a camp fire or other ambiance enhancing elements can be added to improve the effect.

We can do car-e-oke bachelor and bacheloret parties or even weekend excursions! Call for bookings!

We have every thing you need for a fabulous karaoke night
    We can bring
    • mobile transmitter unit
    • air guitars
    • dead keyboards
    • four mics
    • songbooks by artist and songs
    • 14,000 unique titles

      We do theme nights

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