Bar Fluxus – Karaoke Tonight – Come Sing on Stage!

Karaoke tonight at Bar Fluxus – 18 Harlan Place @ Grant in San Francisco! We will start sometime after 9PM Tonight. As soon as the band plays their last note, then YOU take the stage.

Please let the doorman know that you are coming for Karaoke to avoid any cover charge because – KARAOKE HAS NO COVER!

We know you will enjoy the ambiance and music at Bar Fluxus until we get started singing. Just grab a book, fill out your song slip, have a drink, and enjoy meeting the chill people who run and frequent Bar Fluxus.

What’s Bar Fluxus?
Bar Fluxus is a new downtown cocktail bar & intimate live entertainment venue committed to adding color and spark to the San Francisco nightlife scene.

Great bars and great art accentuate creativity, conversation and connection. Bar Fluxus embodies the state of mind that ART is LIFE: LIFE is ART. Life like art is not black and white, and San Francisco knows this better than any other city. San Francisco is as colorful as a big box of crayons and Bar Fluxus reflects this with engaging characters, vibrant cocktails and brilliant local musicians.

The music and entertainment program of Bar Fluxus is a varied mix of live and amplified music. Our calendar includes happenings like karaoke,  literary events, performance art, and puppet shows. Because, why not? The bar boasts a large stage and a completely “State of the Art” sound system, hosting all styles of bands, DJ’s and individual acts.

If you are interested in a private Karaoke party at Bar Fluxus or another venue, please fill out our inquiry form on! See you tonight!