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Karaoke Recording Number 60,000 Coming Soon!

I started recording karaoke tracks back in 2009. In August 2010 I had a database crash so I lost the references to the first 10,000 or so recordings…I still have them but I do not have a way to know who sang what. So the first recording I have on my website is me singing Rocket Man ISO (in the style of) Elton John and it was recorded on October 31, 2010. I started the numbering at 10000, so you can listen to that song by going to KJPaul.com/10000.

Since then I have made a point out of singing every 10,000th song. Here is the list so far:
10,000: Rocket Man ISO Elton John, KJPaul.com/10000.
20,000: Faithfully ISO Journey, KJPaul.com/20000.
30,000: Waisted Time ISO The Eagles, KJPaul.com/30000.
40,000: Crystal Ball ISO Styx, KJPaul.com/40000.
50,000: Cover Of The Rolling Stone ISO Dr Hook, KJPaul.com/50000.

KJ Paul Karaoke recording number 60,000 will happen either Monday or Tuesday, so either at my Lookout karaoke night or my Toad Hall karaoke night.


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