20,000 new KJPaul.com pages

The individual song, singer, artist, song title and individual night pages are now live on KJPaul.com. You can now search for a singer, a night or a song title or an “in the style of” artist and get back all the karaoke recordings that match your search. There are even Wikipedia and YouTube links to the artist or song title when viewing either an artist or title selection.

You can also view individual song pages so you and link to individual song on Facebook and there is even a short URL so you can twitter your recordings if you so desire. To get to the individual “[S]ong pages” click on the [S] on the for right of each row! If the row is yellow the recording is linked and you can play it. If it is white, the recording either does not exist or it is not link so you can’t play it.

Here are a few examples:

Agent J singing Wild is the Wind in the style of David Bowie:
Full: kjpaul.com/11/09/25/agent-j/david-bowie/wild-is-the-wind/25964 Short: kjpaul.com/25964

All the songs where the artist name contains “Bruce””
Full: kjpaul.com/artist/bruce Shrot: kjpaul.com/r/bruce

All the songs with “Love” in the title:
Full: kjpaul.com/title/love Short: kjpaul.com/t/love

All the songs sung by “David P”:
Full: kjpaul.com/singer/david+p Short: kjpaul.com/s/david+p

All the songs sung on Thursday, September 29th: