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7/20/10 Deco Lounge Karaokier’s Night

Welcome to the Karaokier’s Karaoke Night and the Deco Lounge! Thursday night is Costume Karaoke night, but I was having a hard time thinking of a name for Tuesdays…well, I think I have it and the new name is “The Karaokier’s Karaoke Night!” or “Karaokier’s Night” for short. It is a night for people who love to sing and be heard singing. It is the night were I concentrate the most on the recordings, so it is a great night to test your songs and listen to them the next day. I think the name describes the night pretty well.

Here are the photos, playlist and recorded songs from the Tuesday, July 20, 2010 Karaokier’s Karaoke Night! :).

no flash photo album and full screen slideshow

Karaoke Songs and Recordings

***click highlighted songs to hear the karaoke track!***

    Singer In The Style Of Song Title

  1. KJPaul Culture Club Victims
  2. KJPaul Eagles, The Last Resort
  3. KJPaul Supertramp Even In The Quietest Moments
  4. KJPaul Chris Isaak Wicked Game
  5. Jason Notorious Big Hypnotize
  6. test Notorious B.i.g. Hypnotize
  7. Jade Blues Traveler Hook
  8. Ginger Buble, Michael Fever
  9. KJPaul Essex, David Rock On
  10. Clint Michael, George Cowboys And Angels
  11. jade Radiohead Creep
  12. Kelsey Pixies Where Is My Mind
  13. KJPaul John, Elton Candle In The Wind
  14. Jade! Myles, Alannah Black Velvet
  15. Clint Prince Darling Nikki
  16. Kelsey Squier, Billy My Kinda Lover
  17. Kelsey Squier, Billy My Kinda Lover
  18. Kelsey Carpenters, The Superstar
  19. Clint Seal Crazy
  20. Clint Seal Crazy
  21. KJPaul Yazoo Nobody´s Diary
  22. Ginger & Kelsey Hair Aquarius
  23. Heather Cara, Irene Out Here On My Own
  24. Nick Abba Money Money Money
  25. Jade! Lambert, Miranda Gunpowder And Lead
  26. Eric & Heather Little Shop Of Horrors Suddenly Seymour
  27. Kelsey Stewart, Rod Do Ya Think I’m Sexy
  28. Clint The Style Council My Ever Changing Moods
  29. Dylan London, Julie Cry Me A River
  30. Nick Mclean, Don American Pie
  31. Jade PETER PAUL & MARY 500 MILES
  32. Jade Bare, Bobby 500 Miles Away From Home
  33. Jade Proclaimers, The I´m Gonna Be Five Hundred Miles
  34. Melanie Brooks, Garth To Make You Feel My Love
  35. Heather Spears, Britney Baby One More Time
  36. Ashton Joel, Billy Vienna
  37. Eric Sinatra, Frank Lady Is A Tramp, The
  38. Clint Barkley, Gnarles Crazy
  39. Tim Beatles, The Let It Be
  40. Kelsey Joplin, Janis Get It While You Can
  41. Dylan Bloodhound Gang, The Fire Water Burn
  42. Kristen Madonna La Isla Bonita
  43. Joshua Nelson, Willie Always On My Mind
  44. Marriots Este Mad Benatar, Pat Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  45. Wesley Mclachlan, Sarah I Will Remember You
  46. Kevin madonna don´t tell me
  47. A.J. Madonna Papa Don´t Preach
  48. Naz Beatles, The Day In The Life, A
  49. Nick Doors, The Love Me Two Times
  50. Heather Travis, Randy I Told You So
  51. Kelsey Doors, The Back Door Man
  52. Clint George Michael Roxanne
  53. Eric Sinatra, Frank My Way
  54. Tim Hall & Oates Sara Smile
  55. Dylan B-52´s, The Rock Lobster
  56. Kristen Michael, George Faith
  57. Jashua John, Elton Your Song
  58. Kevin Staind Epiphany
  59. A.J. Amy Winehouse Back To Black
  60. Steven! Fergie Fergalicious
  61. Nick Smiths, The I Started Something I Couldn´t Finish
  62. Audie Withers, Bill Lean On Me
  63. Heather Cassidy, Eva Over The Rainbow
  64. Gonzalo Abba Dancing Queen
  65. Kelsey K.c. & Sunshine Band, The Get Down Tonight
  66. Dylan Madonna Vogue
  67. Clint Duran Duran Girls On Film
  68. Joshua Charles, Ray Georgia On My Mind
  69. Eric Michael Buble Everything

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