KJPaul Karaoke Karaoke in San Francisco Bay Area

7/15/10 Deco Lounge Costume Karaoke

Ran out of time… still have a few days left to catch up on. Please come back tomorrow for the 7/18-7/21 posts.

Here is the playlist, recording and photo album from the Thursday, July 15, 2010 Costume Karaoke night at the Deco Lounge.

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Karaoke Songs and Recordings

***click highlighted songs to hear the karaoke track!***

    Singer In The Style Of Song Title

  1. KJPaul Eagles, The Tequila Sunrise
  2. George Twitty, Conway & Lynn, Loretta Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man
  3. Jayde McCrae, George Rock Your Baby
  4. Jesse Lady Gaga Speechless
  5. Derron Turner, Tina Best, The
  6. Thomas -2 Rascals, The How Can I Be Sure
  7. Jayde & Robin Bee Gees, The How Deep Is Your Love
  8. Ashley & Derron Badu, Erykah Tyrone (Live)
  9. Lauren & Ragina B-52´s, The Roam
  10. Lauren & Ragina B-52´s, The Roam
  11. Lauren & Ragina B52´s, The Roam
  12. Lambchop Hawaiian About You
  13. KJPaul Supertramp Bloody Well Right
  14. George Supertramp Logical Song, The
  15. Jesse Supertramp Give A Little Bit
  16. Scott Supertramp Breakfast In America
  17. Thomas -2 Cher Walking In Memphis
  18. Jayde Hawaiian A Million Moons
  19. Robin Fleetwood Mac Gold Dust Woman
  20. Derron Mcentire, Reba Fancy
  21. Claire 4 Non Blondes What´s Up
  22. George Branigan, Laura Gloria
  23. Jesse Hart, Beth L.A. Song
  24. Clint U2 Until The End Of The World
  25. Ginger Buble, Michael Fever
  26. Cher Douglas No Doubt Don´t Speak
  27. Cher Douglas No Doubt Spiderwebs
  28. Diana, Claire, Brian Cher Believe
  29. Lauren & Ashley M.I.A Paper Planes
  30. Lambchop Thalia Amor A La Mexicana
  31. KJPaul Yazoo Nobody´s Diary
  32. Robin Bad Company Ready For Love
  33. Thomas -3 5Th Dimension, The Last Night I Didn´t Get To Sleep At All
  34. Brian Cruz Air Supply All Out Of Love
  35. Kelsey Joplin, Janis Summertime
  36. Mark -1 Box Tops, The Cry Like A Baby
  37. Jesse Kiss Beth
  38. Claire Springfield, Dusty Son Of A Preacher Man
  39. Clint Haircut One Hundred Love Plus One
  40. Ginger Squirrel Nut Zippers Hell
  41. KJPaul Yaz Situation
  42. Dina Dixie Chicks, The Cowboy Take Me Away
  43. Coco Puffs Ross, Diana Upside Down
  44. Sharon Needles Little Mermaid Part Of Your World
  45. David D Withers, Bill Ain´t No Sunshine
  46. Kelsey Doors, The Back Door Man
  47. Clint Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Sweet Transvestite
  48. Scott Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Dammit Janet
  49. Jesse Rocky Horror Picture Show, The I´m Going Home
  50. Mark Mathis, Johnny Stranger In Paradise
  51. Ginger Buble, Michael Feeling Good
  52. KJPaul Yazoo Only You
  53. Sharon Needles Parton, Dolly Jolene
  54. Duplicity Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit
  55. Dina Jewel Foolish Games
  56. Clint Breathe Hands To Heaven
  57. Mark Chorus Line One
  58. Kelsey Redding, Otis Try A Little Tenderness
  59. Ginger Redding, Otis Try A Little Tenderness
  60. Jesse Morissette, Alanis My Humps
  61. David D (Ghetto) Little River Band, The Cool Change
  62. KJPaul Roxy Music Dance Away
  63. Sharon Needles Brown, Julie Homecoming Queen´s Got A Gun
  64. Jabby Turner, Ike & Tina Proud Mary
  65. Dylon Velvet Underground Femme Fatale
  66. Deana McLachlan, Sarah Angel
  67. Eric Bowie, David Let´s Dance
  68. Mark Mathis, Johnny Certain Smile, A
  69. Clint INXS Need You Tonight
  70. Kelsey Electric Light Orchestra, The Don´t Bring Me Down
  71. Jesse La Roux Bulletproof

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