7/15/10 Dalva Karaoke night

It was quite a packed house at Dalva this week. The crowd was really into it and people were having a blast. Here are some photos as well as the playlist and a few recordings.

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Karaoke Songs and Recordings

***click highlighted songs to hear the karaoke track!***

    Singer In The Style Of Song Title

  1. KJPaul John, Elton Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  2. Alanna Wham Everything She Wants
  3. Chris Oveis Loeb, Lisa & Nine Stories Stay (I Missed You)
  4. Chrissie Madonna La Isla Bonita
  5. Chrissie & Beeshme Medley, Bill & Jennifer Warnes Time Of My Life, (I´ve Had) The
  6. A.M.Q. Spinners, The I´ll Be Around
  7. Mariah Bowie, David Panic In Detroit
  8. Matt Lucas Duran Duran Union Of The Snake
  9. Rob Little Zombies, The Tell Her No
  10. Chauncey! Sinatra, Frank Lady Is A Tramp, The
  11. Alanna Vega, Suzanne Luka
  12. Chris & Chrissie Joel, Billy Piano Man
  13. Jacob Jackson, Joe Steppin´ Out
  14. A.M.Q. & Mo Earth, Wind & Fire September
  15. Agent J Simple Minds Don´t You Forget About Me
  16. Mariah Abdul, Paula Rush Rush
  17. Brian Warwick, Dionne That´s What Friends Are For
  18. Tres Swedes Talking Heads, The Psycho Killer
  19. Erin Nu Shooz I Can´t Wait
  20. Aaron Duran Duran Save A Prayer
  21. Rob Blood, Sweat & Tears And When I Die
  22. Shawn Cult, The Rise
  23. Shawn Bowie, David Let´s Dance
  24. Janathan & Erica Foreigner I Want To Know What Love Is
  25. Susan Europe Final Countdown, The
  26. Ivan Black Sabbath Fairies Wear Boots
  27. Christina Cline, Patsy Walkin´ After Midnight
  28. John Karr Pixies Debaser
  29. John Pixies Debaser
  30. Kathryn Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Touch A Touch A Touch Me
  31. Daniel Cash, Johnny Ring Of Fire
  32. Amanda & Mercades Warren G & Nate Dogg Regulate
  33. Cleo Til Tuesday Voices Carry
  34. Chauncey! Bowie, David The Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud
  35. Eileen Naked Eyes Always Something There To Remind Me
  36. Nina Pretenders, The Brass In Pocket (I´m Special)
  37. Alanna Omd Tesla Girls
  38. Danny Tlc Waterfalls
  39. Hannah John, Olivia Newton Physical
  40. Kelly Thin Lizzy Jailbreak
  41. Agent J Foundations, The Build Me Up Buttercup
  42. Dwight and L. Apple, Fiona Criminal
  43. Kat Go Go´s, The Vacation
  44. Veronica Foreigner Cold As Ice
  45. Johnny Pearl Jam Daughter
  46. Rob Little Boomtown Rats, The I Don´t Like Mondays
  47. Mo Red Hot Chili Peppers Under The Bridge
  48. Susan Joel, Billy My Life
  49. Erin & Danny Baltimora Tarzan Boy
  50. Jacob Barkley, Gnarls Crazy
  51. Lindsay Simon, Paul You Can Call Me Al
  52. Eric Cash, Johnny Folsom Prison Blues
  53. Paul Creedence Clearwater Revival I Put A Spell On You
  54. Chauncey! Bowie, David Space Oddity
  55. Megan & Rachel Crow, Sheryl & Kid Rock Picture
  56. Rachel Salt N Pepa Shoop
  57. Kelly & Kat Little Shop Of Horrors Suddenly Seymour
  58. Dusty Talking Heads, The Wild Wild Life
  59. Lindsay Bowie, David Rock ´n´ Roll Suicide
  60. Thresa Cline, Patsy Walkin´ After Midnight
  61. Alanna Cranberries, The Zombie
  62. Megan & Trout Killers, The All These Things That I´ve Done

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