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Trannies take charge at Deco Karaoke–playlist 5.18.10

It was Duplicity’s birthday bash at the Deco Lounge, so there was brief interlude in the singing for an amazing tranny show. Duplicity re-birthed herself from her amazing egg and sent through several costume changes. Another great night. The singing was also spectacular!

Karaoke Songs Sung:

            Singer Artist Title

  1. Andrew Erasure Blue Savannah
  2. Ginger Buble, Michael Fever
  3. KJPaul Jackson Brown Running On Empty
  4. Andrew Erasure Oh L´Amour
  5. KJPaul Stewart, Al Year Of The Cat, The
  6. Jesse Simon, Paul 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
  7. Nick Smiths, The I Started Something I Couldn´t Finish
  8. Andrew SpanishIglesias, Julio Amor, Amor, Amor
  9. Bob Highwaymen, The Highwayman
  10. Clint Richie, Lionel All Night Long
  11. Ginger & Jesse Aladdin Whole New World, A
  12. KJPaul Ash You Can´t Have It All
  13. Nick Smiths, The Shoplifters Of The World Unite
  14. Adam Sublime Badfish
  15. Dinomonkey Cohn, Marc Walking In Memphis
  16. Clint Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence
  17. Zeek & Chris Mcgraw, Tim Indian Outlaw
  18. Bob Nelson, Willie & Waylon Jennings Mama Don´t Let Your Babies
  19. KJPaul Williams, Hank Long Gone Lonesome Blues
  20. Jesse Sublime Date Rape
  21. Nick Midnight Oil King Of The Mountain
  22. Clint INXS Need You Tonight
  23. Kris Strait, George All My Ex´s Live In Texas
  24. Dinomonkey Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication
  25. Suzanne Santana & Michelle Branch Game Of Love
  26. Bob Ub40 Red Red Wine
  27. Melissa, Zeke, Kris Beatles, The Hey Jude
  28. Ed Tritt, Travis Anymore
  29. Clint John, Olivia Newton Xanadu
  30. Nick Creedence Clearwater Revival Have You Ever Seen The Rain
  31. Dinamonkey Sublime Santeria
  32. Suzanne Vannett, Connie Pussycat Song, The
  33. Charlie Kings Of Leon Sex On Fire
  34. Lambchop Newton John, Olivia Magic
  35. KJPaul John, Olivia Newton Have You Ever Been Mellow
  36. Melissa, Zeke, Kris Brooks, Garth Friends In Low Places
  37. Xavier Electric Light Orchestra, The Mr. Blue Sky
  38. Efrem Ronstadt, Linda Long Long Time
  39. Chris Robbins, Marty Don´t Worry About Me
  40. Jeff John, Elton Levon
  41. David D Eagle Eye Cherry Save Tonight
  42. Adrienne Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me
  43. Clint Tramps, The Disco Inferno
  44. Dinomonkey Tenacious D Tribute
  45. Nick Talking Heads, The Wild Wild Life
  46. Alex Erasure Drama!
  47. Jade Portishead Glory Box
  48. Randy Skee-lo I Wish
  49. Charlie Prince Cream
  50. Lambchop Richie, Lionel & Ross, Diana Endless Love
  51. Efrem Tears For Fears Everybody Wants To Rule The World
  52. Xavier bjork it´s oh so quiet
  53. Chris Diamond, Neil Sweet Caroline
  54. Nick Cure Boys Don´t Cry
  55. Clint Morissette, Alannis Not The Doctor
  56. Ferosha Madonna Hanky Panky
  57. Kale MATCHBOX 20 3AM
  58. Efrem Spiral Staircase More Today Than Yesterday
  59. Duplicity Vanity 6 Nasty Girl
  60. Efrem Spiral Staircase More Today Than Yesterday
  61. Jade Blues Traveler Hook
  62. Nick Blondie Picture This
  63. Xavier Presidents Of The Usa Peaches
  64. Clint Bowie, David Under Pressure
  65. Jesse Rocky Horror Picture Show, The I´m Going Home
  66. Randy Simon, Paul You Can Call Me Al
  67. Jade K´s Choice Not An Addict

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