Car-e-oke test run

I set up the new Car-e-oke setup and gave it a little test spin. Ash Wednesday came over and drove while I queued up a few songs. We then drove to the 500 Club and parked across the street for a bit while luring a few people from the bar to come sing. There was a car parked across the street from us who were enjoying watching us…they I told them to tune in to 87.7, then they really rocked out.

Car-E-Oke is good to go. Get ready to rock out on a freeway near you. It is going to be a Car-E-Oke summer!

Karaoke Songs Sung:

            Singer Artist Title

  1. KJPaul Culture Club Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
  2. Scott Lennox, Annie Lighter Shade Of Pale, A
  3. KJPaul Lennox, Annie Lighter Shade Of Pale, A
  4. Ash Jane´s Addiction Jane Says
  5. KJPaul Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  6. Alabaster Adams, Bryan Heaven
  7. KJPaul Jackson Brown Doctor My Eyes
  8. Spalding Journey Open Arms
  9. Ash Jane´s Addiction Jane Says
  10. Esra Brown, James Sex Machine
  11. Melinda Cars, The Just What I Needed

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