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KJ Paul strives to be the best Karaoke Host in San Francisco, for both public karaoke events and private karaoke parties.

KJ Paul uses only top notch karaoke equipment at all of his karaoke events. He is known as one of the most professional and friendly karaoke hosts (KJ)s in San Francisco. He adjusts the sound for every singer. At public events he tries to keep his karaoke queue fair and does not take karaoke bribes. KJ Paul is constantly buying new karaoke tracks and has one of the largest and most elaborate karaoke books in San Francisco. KJ Paul also makes high quality karaoke recordings and posts them on KJPaul.com for free...unless, of course, you prefer not to be recorded.

KJ Paul hosts karaoke in San Francisco in the SF Mission District, on Potrero Hill as well as in the Castro, but is available for private parties 7 days a week.

Last Karaoke night in The Vestry @TheChapelSF this year tomorrow (11/25/15)

Come to The Vestry at The Chapel tomorrow for the last Wednesday karaoke night there this year. Next year is still up in the air, but I'm hoping tomorrow will be a blowout crazy night and that they will want us back. It's a fun night. See you there! 777 Valencia Street between 18th and 19th in San Francisco! Hosted by KJ Paul!

The month of December is all about company holiday parties. If you work for a company in or around SF and want karaoke at your party either contact us at hire@KJPaul.com or fill out our KJ Paul Karaoke event request form..

Karaoke Wednesdays in The Vestry at The Chapel RULES!

Back at The Vestry in @TheChapelSF again...see you tonight! (Wed. 9:30pm)

We had a great time the last two wednesdays in The Vestry at The Chapel. They invited us back this week and probably next week, but it is still not a regular night. These next two Wednesday nights are make it or break it. If they like it it will become a regular night in January. Both the venue and I are booked up with private events during the month of December, so it's this Wednesday and the following Wednesday and if those nights are a hit the night will start in earnest in January... See you at 9:30!
The Chapel, 777 Valencia Street

KJ Paul hosting @Karaoke in The Vestry at @TheChapelSF tonight!

The karaoke in The Vestry at The Chapel starts at 9:30pm. See you tonight! Karaoke Wednesdays in The Vestry at The Chapel RULES!

Karaoke @TheChapelSF is happening again this week! Weekly...maybe.

The Chapel wants us back this week. Last week Wednesday's karaoke in The Vestry at The Chapel, 777 Valencia Street, was amazing, so let's do it again! The karaoke will start at 9:30pm on Wednesday, November 11 for round two. Once again, we will rock the house until 1:30...so get there early to put in your songs.

My eventual goal is to take over the Wednesday nights in The Vestry entirely so I can start earlier with a diner karaoke show before the bar karaoke starts :). It really is a fun venue. Let me know if that is something you want.

The Chapel, 777 Valencia Street The Vestry at the Chapel

See you in The Vestry at The Chapel on Wednesday!

NEW KJ Paul @Karaoke Wed at the @TheChapelSF???

KJ Paul returns to the Mission with karaoke at the Chapel this Wednesday, November 4, 2015! I am hoping to make this my new regular weekly karaoke night, so come out and make it AWESOME! If we can pack the house tonight they will want to do it again, so if you think this as great of a venue as I do then come out and help me rock the doors off of the place. The karaoke will be the the Restaurant/bar area, which is called the Vestry. The karaoke starts at 9:30 and will go until they kick us out. I'm super excited about the potential of this new night. Here is The Mission Mission write-up.

Here is the New KJ Paul Wednesday at the Chapel--Facebook event.


KJ Paul hosting #SingTillItHurts tonight @StudSF

KJ Paul will be covering for Sister Flora Goodthyme tonight at the Stud. Karaoke starts at 8pm. The Stud is on the corner of 9th Street and Harrison Street in the SOMA. See you there.

Hire us for Holiday Parties!

We love to come out and make your parties awesome, and holiday spots are filling up fast! If you think KJ Paul would be a good fit for your office holiday party, big Christmas shindig, New Years cocktail competition, Thanksgiving rager, or anything in between, fill out our form at http://kjpaul.com/sfkaraoke/about/san-francisco-karaoke-holiday-parties/ or email us at hire@kjpaul.com! We want to make you sound like a rockstar!

Karaoke at Toad Hall now every Sunday and Tuesday!

KJ Paul will start hosting the new Sunday night karaoke at Toad Hall, which is every Sunday starting now. KJ Cole will continue hosting the Tuesday night at Toad Hall. I am also going to start recording again on the nights that I host. Toad Hall is on 18th Street just west of Castro Street. It across from Badlands and The Edge. See you there!


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