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KJ Paul strives to be the best Karaoke Host in San Francisco, for both public karaoke events and private karaoke parties.

KJ Paul uses only top notch karaoke equipment at all of his karaoke events. He is known as one of the most professional and friendly karaoke hosts (KJ)s in San Francisco. He adjusts the sound for every singer. At public events he tries to keep his karaoke queue fair and does not take karaoke bribes. KJ Paul is constantly buying new karaoke tracks and has one of the largest and most elaborate karaoke books in San Francisco. KJ Paul also makes high quality karaoke recordings and posts them on KJPaul.com for free...unless, of course, you prefer not to be recorded.

KJ Paul hosts karaoke in San Francisco in the SF Mission District, on Potrero Hill as well as in the Castro, but is available for private parties 7 days a week.

Happy Fat Tuesday Karaoke @ Toadhall! 9pm
F the Super Bowl, come out and SING!

Karaoke at The Residence is happening now. We go until 8pm! No sportsball at all! So far only 2 singers! At 9 pm the party continues at Toad Hall.

Karaoke starting NOW at @TheVestrySF in @TheChapelSF

Sorry about the late posts, but yes, there is going to be karaoke on Wednesdays at The Vestry at The Chapel! I will be kicking it off in just a few minutes... :)

Sunday Afternoon Karaoke at The Residence 4-8 today!

It's Sunday afternoon karaoke at the Residence today. It is loads of fun. The karaoke at The Residence goes from 4-8pm and starts again at 9pm at Toad Hall. A full day of KARAOKE!!!

See you in a few hours!

Toast #DavidBowie, #GlennFrey and #Lemmy @TheVestrySF in @TheChapelSF tonight at Midnight

Tonight at the Wednesday Karaoke with KJ Paul (Free in The Vestry) we will do ‪#‎karaoke‬ from 9pm to midnight. At Midnight I will show a couple of David Bowie videos and then we will do a toast to David Bowie, Glenn Frey and Lemmy Kilmister. We will do group songs the rest of the night after that.... Maybe I should bring some boxes of kleenex.

Bowie Tribute at The Vestry in The Chapel tonight

I am definitely not over David Bowie passing away yet. Its weird. He was such a big part of my life for a such a long, long time. The first time I heard a David Bowie song was when I was sitting in my grandmother's trailer in a camping in Kerkdriel, The Netherlands. It was Space Oddity. I was blown away. There was no internet or Google to find out who the singer was and everything they were saying on the Radio was in Dutch! I have been a fan ever since. I have had all of his early records on vinyl, then those plus more on CD, I've seen him play 4 times and Quicksand is one of my all-time favorite songs from one of my all-time favorite albums, Hunky Dory.

In 1979, when my family was living in Craubeek, The Netherlands, someone put Lodger in our families mailbox with my name on it, which is another one of my favorite albums. I will sing Fantastic Voyage tonight at as the last song... but at Midnight I will play David Bowie's first music video and one of his last. His last album, Blackstar blows my minds once again!

Here is a cool article about 19 great songs:
Bowie: 19 Gems and Deep Cuts - A/V Club

I'm going to honor Glenn Frey next week... I can't do that now. It's just too much!

ToadHall is on Tonight! R.I.P. Glenn Frey

Come sing in honor of The Eagles in memory of Glenn Frey

Come out to THE LOOKOUT!

Honor Martin Luther King Jr via song!

Tonight I'll be hosting at Toadhall starting @ 9!
It's Wednesday! Karaoke at The Vestry in The Chapel tonight 9:30!

It is another lovely Wednesday and I am setting up karaoke at The Vestry in The Chapel once again! Karaoke Wednesdays at The Vestry in The Chapel is a fabulous karaoke night! Tonight KJ Cole will be launching the karaoke around 9pm or 9:30pm, depending on how busy the restaurant is. I will be at the early Bawdy Storytelling tonight show, which starts at 8pm and will come to the Chapel afterwards to take over. Come hang out with all the young dudes and get your Bowie On! See you tonight!

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