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Hire KJ Paul Karaoke! Available 7 days a week for your office party, event, wedding or birthday.

Best Karaoke in San Francisco and beyond

KJ Paul strives to be the best Karaoke Host in San Francisco, for both public karaoke events and private karaoke parties.

KJ Paul uses only top notch karaoke equipment at all of his karaoke events. He is known as one of the most professional and friendly karaoke hosts (KJ)s in San Francisco. He adjusts the sound for every singer. At public events he tries to keep his karaoke queue fair and does not take karaoke bribes. KJ Paul is constantly buying new karaoke tracks and has one of the largest and most elaborate karaoke books in San Francisco. KJ Paul also makes high quality karaoke recordings and posts them on KJPaul.com for free...unless, of course, you prefer not to be recorded.

KJ Paul hosts karaoke in San Francisco in the SF Mission District, on Potrero Hill as well as in the Castro, but is available for private parties 7 days a week.

REMINDER! No Karaoke @ LOOKOUT Tonight. Labor Day Party instead
Get your sing-fix at THE LOOKOUT Tonight! next week is off for a Labor Day Party
Looking for a new venue on Wednesday nights!

Hey everyone!, just a quick note to say that we're looking for a new venue for Wednesday nights! If you've got any leads send them over to hire@kjpaul.com.

In the meantime, remember to visit us at The Lookout on Mondays, Toad Hall on Tuesdays, and Sing Till it Hurts on Thursdays at The Stud! And we've got a surprise coming about another recurring Tuesday night gig as well so stay tuned!

Holiday Parties filling up... Already!

I can't believe it, but we're already getting bookings for holiday parties in December... In August!

Since those December evenings and afternoons are starting to fill up already, if you'd like to have KJ Paul at your work holiday party, put in those requests now! We'll even make it easy for you, just send them a link to this handy form http://kjpaul.com/sfkaraoke/about/san-francisco-karaoke-holiday-parties/ and then get ready to sing your heart out!

In the meantime, KJ Paul will see you out on the playa, so get ready to sing!


KJ Paul Workout Video

I have been running a Burning Man theme camp called The Hammock Hangout for many years. The camp has one of the largest single hull structures on the Playa and I used to run it pretty much as a solo act. This year, for the first time ever, I have let others take charge of it. Thanks to my AWESOME campmates and especially Andy and Ethan, I will be going to Burning Man to just have FUN this year!

Here is how it USED to be. I call it my Burning Man Workout Video!

KJ Paul Karaoke-ing at Burning Man 2015, 4:45 and Ersatz

Come find me, sing some songs, crash in a hammock and get delicious snacks and cocktails at the Hammock Hangout. The Hammock Hangout is one of the largest structures on the Playa and you can find us at 4:45 and Ersatz this year. Burning Man 2015 Map




Now we can Download songs for Same day singing @ THE LOOKOUT!
KJ Paul hosting Sing Till It Hurts Karaoke at the Stud Tonight, 8pm.

Full week of karaoke continues tonight at the Stud! KJ Paul is covering to Sister Flora Goodthyme. The Stud is a great venue. It is a San Francisco gem. I have been to countless shows there over the years and the place has never let me down. Always interesting, always friendly and always FUN! Also, the sound system was upgraded just six months ago and they did it right. It is fabulous! Amazing sound. We also do the place up, putting screens everywhere you look, cool lights and then just enough smoke to make it fun. The karaoke goes from 8pm to 2am!

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