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Best Karaoke in San Francisco and beyond

KJ Paul strives to be the best Karaoke Host in San Francisco, for both public karaoke events and private karaoke parties.

KJ Paul uses only top notch karaoke equipment at all of his karaoke events. He is known as one of the most professional and friendly karaoke hosts (KJ)s in San Francisco. He adjusts the sound for every singer. At public events he tries to keep his karaoke queue fair and does not take karaoke bribes. KJ Paul is constantly buying new karaoke tracks and has one of the largest and most elaborate karaoke books in San Francisco. KJ Paul also makes high quality karaoke recordings and posts them on KJPaul.com for free...unless, of course, you prefer not to be recorded.

KJ Paul hosts karaoke in San Francisco in the SF Mission District, on Potrero Hill as well as in the Castro, but is available for private parties 7 days a week.

One Direction...added!

I am constantly buying songs. If your search on b.kjpaul.com does not find what you are looking for message me on Facebook or email KJ@KJPaul.com with the songs you would like to see in my book. I just added everything I could find by One Direction. If you want to see my most recent additions you can find them at: http://kjpaul.com/newsongs-date.php

ongs Artist Title ID Date_Added
1 One Direction Alive G28693 08-Apr-14
2 One Direction Back For You Zkg3568 08-Apr-14
3 One Direction Best Song Ever Sf331-07 08-Apr-14
4 One Direction C´mon C´mon Zkg3570 08-Apr-14
5 One Direction Change My Mind Zkg3589 08-Apr-14
6 One Direction Diana Zkg4443 08-Apr-14
7 One Direction Don´t Forget Where You Belong Sf1113701 08-Apr-14
8 One Direction Everything About You G25767 08-Apr-14
9 One Direction Gotta Be You Zkg3014 08-Apr-14
10 One Direction I Want Sfdt-3163 08-Apr-14
11 One Direction Kiss You Sfdt-3193 08-Apr-14
12 One Direction Last First Kiss Zkg3604 08-Apr-14
13 One Direction Little Things Zkg3548 08-Apr-14
14 One Direction Live While We´re Young Sf320-13 08-Apr-14
15 One Direction Live While We´re Young (No Backing Vocals) Zkg3454 08-Apr-14
16 One Direction Midnight Memories Zkg4486 08-Apr-14
17 One Direction More Than This Zkg4421 08-Apr-14
18 One Direction One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) Sf325-01 08-Apr-14
19 One Direction Rock Me Zkg3613 08-Apr-14
20 One Direction Same Mistakes G25811 08-Apr-14
21 One Direction Save You Tonight G25828 08-Apr-14
22 One Direction Stand Up Sfdt-2846 08-Apr-14
23 One Direction Strong Sf1113700 08-Apr-14
24 One Direction Taken G25754 08-Apr-14
25 One Direction Tell Me A Lie G25816 08-Apr-14
26 One Direction Up All Night Sfdt-2851 08-Apr-14
27 One Direction You And I G28378 08-Apr-14
28 One Direction Feat X Factor Jls Wishing On A Star G25173 08-Apr-14
29 One Direction Story Of My Life Zkg4396 08-Apr-14
30 Aventura Amor De Madre Tz00380 26-Mar-14
31 Aventura Angelito Tz00381 26-Mar-14
32 Aventura Dilealamor Tz00383 26-Mar-14
33 Aventura Elmalo Tz00385 26-Mar-14
34 Aventura Ensename A Olvidar Tz00386 26-Mar-14
35 Aventura Obsesion Tz00397 26-Mar-14
36 Aventura Romeo Y Julieta Tz04976 26-Mar-14
37 Aventura & Antony Santos Ciego De Amor Tz00377 26-Mar-14
38 Aventura & Don Omar Ella Y Yo Tz00378 26-Mar-14
39 Airborne Toxic Event Sometime Around Midnight Sfdt-0156 24-Mar-14
40 Braxton, Tamar Love And War G27300 24-Mar-14
41 Dassin, Joe (French) Champs Elysees French-A17101 22-Mar-14
42 Kendrick, Anna Cups (Pitch Perfect´s When I´m Gone) Sf1113483 17-Mar-14
43 Sesto, Camilo Vivir Asi Es Morir De Amor Tz00567 15-Mar-14
44 Heavy, The How You Like Me Now G24462 11-Mar-14
45 Frozen, From Do You Want To Build A Snowman G28453 10-Mar-14
46 Frozen-Idina Menzel Let It Go (Instumental) 6141-02i 10-Mar-14
47 Sarstedt, Peter Frozen Orange Juice Zjb03-05 10-Mar-14
48 Swedish House Mafia Save The World Sf305-09 10-Mar-14
49 Allen, Lily Fuck You Zkg1746 05-Mar-14
50 Blacc, Aloe I Need A Dollar Sf304-08 05-Mar-14
51 Max, Miss I Wanna Fuck You (Explicit) G05594 05-Mar-14


Neon Air Guitar


I purchased a 12 volt battery and taped it to the back of my new neon air guitar and now it is wireless.

Short list, great crowd.


Come sing at SoMa StrEat Food Park. Good crowd, very short rotation.

El Rio night


Ah... another amazing night at El Rio!

Saint Patrick's Day Karaoke at the Lookout


Yes, there will be karaoke at the lookout on Saint Patrick's day, which is on Monday this year. Monday, March 17th, 2014.

Costumes, costume, costumes.


While getting material for the giant warehouse party next Friday I made out big-time wth this awesome scrap find!

Giant Warehouse Party

Dirty Dave (David Curiel...Davla Hideout bartender) and KJ Paul are joining forces to throw a party at the Superior Autobody warehouse space, which is on the corner of 16th Street and Albion Street, across the street from Dalva. The warehouse is 100' x 100' and we have both floors... 20,000 Square Feet to party in!

There will be multiple karaoke stages. I am bringing my costume rack, so there will be Costume Karaoke. I am bringing my Silent Karaoke setup so you can have your own private karaoke experience with up to 20 of your friends. There will be a DJ Dance party. There will be twister, a giant checkers board, several game areas and more.

Entrance is $10. There will be several bars The party will go until we call late night.


New Saturday karaoke night at SoMa StrEat Food park. KJ Paul Karaoke every Saturday night 7pm to midnight starting March 1, 2014.
New Saturday starting 3/1/14

KJ Paul will be hosting karaoke at the SoMa StrEat Food Park every Saturday starting March 1, 2014. The karaoke will start at 7pm and will go until midnight. There are food trucks, a beer & wine bar and a heated covered area. There can be multiple karaoke stages. All ages are welcome! Let's blow them out of the park on opening night... Saturday, March 1st, 2014!

Quiet at Dalva

Come out and sing! Rare night with no wait at Dalva.

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