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Hire KJ Paul Karaoke! Available 7 days a week for your office party, event, wedding or birthday.

Best Karaoke in San Francisco and beyond

KJ Paul strives to be the best Karaoke Host in San Francisco, for both public karaoke events and private karaoke parties.

KJ Paul uses only top notch karaoke equipment at all of his karaoke events. He is known as one of the most professional and friendly karaoke hosts (KJ)s in San Francisco. He adjusts the sound for every singer. At public events he tries to keep his karaoke queue fair and does not take karaoke bribes. KJ Paul is constantly buying new karaoke tracks and has one of the largest and most elaborate karaoke books in San Francisco. KJ Paul also makes high quality karaoke recordings and posts them on KJPaul.com for free...unless, of course, you prefer not to be recorded.

KJ Paul hosts karaoke in San Francisco in the SF Mission District, on Potrero Hill as well as in the Castro, but is available for private parties 7 days a week.

#Karaoke #PajamaParty at @BalancoireSF tonight! #KJPaul_Karaoke will bring out his rack of PJs + 2 stages of Karaoke for You!

It is the 1st Tuesday of May so it is time for the Karaoke Pajama Party at Balançoire tonight! KJPaul Karaoke is bringing out the pajama rack for you all so you can sing karaoke in pajamas. There will be 2 stages of Karaoke, an entire rack of Pajamas, $6 beer & shots, excellent sound and You! All in the heart of the Mission.

Balancoire is at 2565 Mission St (between 21 and 22 street) in San Francisco It is always a good time! See you at 8pm! It is also Cinco de Mayo, so it should be a crazy night.

KJ Paul is back in San Francisco and hosting #Karaoke at @BalancoireSF tonight!

Karaoke at Balancoire, 2565 Mission st (between 21 and 22 street) in San Francisco from now until 2am! Come out and sing me a song, it's been weeks!

Tonight: @BalancoireSF Karaoke Tuesday hosted by #KJPaul, 8pm-2am

KJPaul Karaoke Tuesday at Balancoire, 2565 Mission Street, between 21st Street and 22nd Street in the heart of the San Francisco Mission District. Hope to see you there TONIGHT!

KJPaul hosting #Karaoke at Balancoire tonight. Full costume rack.

Come to Balancoire!

BIG #BikeSmut #Karaoke night at @BalancoireSF, This Tuesday (3-3-15). 2 Karaoke stages!

I am doing a special night at Balancoire this Tuesday and I am hoping you all can make it out.

Rev. Phil is in town and will be showing his short films from 7pm to 9pm. They are amazing. Rev. Phil has been traveling around the World for the past 8 years soliciting his audiences to make short bike centric erotic films. I am super excited to be doing a show with him! http://www.bikesmut.com/

Come hungry because dinner will be served. There is a full 3 course meal with 3 options, vegetarian lasagna, salmon and a meat option. I will try to work out the details tomorrow. It will be fabulous.

At 9pm the karaoke will start. There will be two stages, one upstairs and one downstairs. Upstairs may be Porn-E-Oke if I can pull it off. No guarantees on that yet, but I will try.

We will be doing some "Duet Matching" using the software Mike and I have been working on.

Then, as usual on my Tuesday nights now I will be bringing out my entire costume rack for you all to enjoy. So it will be karaoke with KJ Paul's Costume Rack starting 9pm.

Get there early if you can. The movies will be great and you do not want to miss that part of the show! Dinner will be served all night, but it will be more fun to eat with everyone while enjoying Bike Smut!

The show is free. Dinner is $20.

I'm really hoping to get a bunch of people to this event, so please let people know and come out.

I do need a dinner count by Monday noonish, so please let me know on https://www.facebook.com/events/1574953856054809
or reply directly to me.

Location: Balancoire, 2565 Mission st (between 21 and 22 street) San Francisco, CA 94110
Doors: 6:30
Bike Smut short films 7-9pm
Karaoke 9pm-2am (2 stages!)
Dinner: 7pm until it runs out.

The event it FREE, but please let us know you are coming so we know how much food to make!

This film is hot, hot, hot... one of the many films.
Fun and learning for all
Brazen Saddles

No Karaoke at Balancoire on 2/17 and 2/24.

There will be special events at Balancoire for the next two weeks, so the next karaoke night there will be Tuesday, March 3rd. Go to Toad Hall on 18th Street near Castro for your Tuesday night karaoke fix!

#Karaoke #Duet Match night at the #SoMaStrEatFoodPark #ValentinesDay #Party

It is Duet Match Night at the SoMa StrEat Food Park tomorrow. The weather will be amazing so I may set up outside for the early part of the night and move in as it gets cooler.

You can bring a partner or you can sing with other people or both! Mike and I have been working our asses off on the Duet Match feature of our karaoke software so we can match strangers to sing together! You are welcome to pick your own partner as well, or you can sing with a group. It will be a lot of fun! Kids are welcome as well. It starts at 7pm and goes until you all want to stop!

Here is the link. The event is good for both singles and couples. Sing with your partner or sing with someone else who happens to like the same song you do!


SoMa StrEat Food Park 7pm until at least midnight:

Duet Match Karaoke Night at the SoMa StrEat Food Park Valentines Day Party

Karaoke on the Party Bus at the SoMa StrEat Food Park

#Karaoke Tuesdays at @BalancoireSF, now with #KJPaul's Costume Closet! 8pm-2am.

Tuesday at Balacoire is an amazing karaoke night. The venue is fabulous. The club owner LOVES karaoke. There is no cover charge and there are great drink specials. KJ Paul is the host and he brings out his costume closet for you to play in. It is all very fun. The karaoke goes from 8pm to 2am. Check it out this Tuesday!
Karaoke Tuesday at Balacoire SF

Reminder: Sunday Karaoke at Slate has been Cancelled. El Rio or Butter?

Hey All, Karaoke with KJ Paul's Costume Closet has moved to Balançoire on Tuesday.

No more Sunday night at Slate. Your Sunday night options are: Heartbreak Karaoke at El Rio hosted by Jenni Willow or Roger Niner Karaoke at Butter. Both totally different, both totally awesome!
Heartbreak Karaoke at El Rio: Heart-wrenching songs only!
Niner Karaoke at Butter: Go BIG or go home!

#Karaoke Superbowl Afterparty at @SlatebarSF tonight. Karaoke starts when game ends.

The karaoke will start as soon as the game ends tonight at Slate Bar. This will be my last karaoke night at Slate, so come out and make it a good one.

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